Thursday, February 9, 2017

Beautiful Split Mountain

Thursday, February 9, 2017

This morning while taking our morning walk, I stumbled on these two guys.  Have no idea what they are.  Anybody know!


Yuma met a new friend on our walk.  Her name is Emma and she was feisty.  They did their dance and she was on her way leaving poor Yuma alone.



We decided after breakfast we would go see Split Mountain today.  All Jeep and very little walk.  I like that!  So, about 10:30 we were out the door heading about 20 miles southeast to the small town  of Ocotillo Wells.  Turned in on main street, which happens to be Split Mountain Road.


Went straight South through the small town of a couple hundred residents for about 10 miles and the road turned into a dirt road.  We then turned off to the right on Fish Creek Wash.  This wash goes right through the mountains.  I wonder how many millions of years it took to cut through this mountain.


Looks like I only got photos of smooth wash road, but it was definitely not.  Teeth chattering in many places and back-breaking in others.


The split is just around that corner ahead, so here we go.  The journey through the pass is probably one mile long.  I will let the photos do most of the talking from here.


Just so you know, this area is right smack in the middle of the earthquake fault here in California.  Don’t want one today!  We’re in!  Lots of shots with the Jeep for perspective.




  I think there is an alien on top of rock in the second photo!



I see six aliens.  How many do you see?



That was close!


The sun is hitting hard today.  85 degrees, but I have water in the Jeep.  There’s a little guy parachuting onto my shoulder.  This place is weird!


That was fast!  The wash is widening out and the mountain is now behind us.



You can tell by looking at the rock formations there has been a lot of upheaval in this area over the millions of years along with the water cutting this pass through the mountain.


A little after two and we are heading home for a day of rest.  Another shot of the Texas Dip and then into Borrego Valley with Borrego Springs dead ahead.


Wish all my days could be like this, but for some reason, I do things the hard way most of the time.  This evening, I wanted to catch the Moon rising over the mountain, but missed it again.  Tomorrow night for sure.  Here is the best I could do.


Here’s looking to the West as night falls on our mountains.  It is beautiful!


See you later.


  1. Fantastic pictures of Split Mountain! It's such a unique area, with so many fascinating rock formations. Such a beautiful place. It will be interesting stuff to find out what the pod-like plants are. Super evening shot.

    1. Thanks Dolly. Was a nice day out. A little warm, but didn't do too much to notice it.

  2. There's a lot more to Ocotillo Wells! Get the OHV map and check it out. Catch the moon rise tomorrow, it'll rise partially eclipsed. It'll likely be hard to tell, but sure like to see your pictures! I think your 'mushroom' is a common Morel, there's quite a few of them along Coyote Creek.

    1. Thanks, Jeff. I though it was a mushroom, but hadn't seen any around here before. I'll be sure to watch for the moon more closely tonight.

  3. Another fun adventure, love your photos.

  4. Looks like we both caught the same evening cloud formation. The Wind Caves are along that Split Mountain drive but can't remember if you seen them before. We seem to do more Jeeping than hiking these days as well.

    1. Was a nice sunset. I was a little late. Lost time doing the blog. I saw the sign to the Wind Caves, but the 1 mile hike stopped me. Went there last year so no big deal. I really need to stay off my feet for a couple of days to let them heal.

  5. The mushroom looks like a shaggy mane.

    1. You're probably right. Not a rare new form of plant life. Just common mushrooms. I wasn't sure what it was since I had not seen any mushrooms around here. Thanks for letting me know. Wonder if you two are still full-timing?

  6. I love the name Ocotillo Wells b/c it's fun to say! How does Yuma do on those bumpy rides? Does he have his seatbelt on? I don't know how you find your way around in all those mountains and rocks and washes! I'd be lost for sure. I didn't see any aliens. :( Maybe just 2 faces. I guess i'll have to open my mind a bit! :) Fantastic pictures of the moon and your day!!! Miss you!

    1. Thanks Sarah. Luckily, there are "arrows" everywhere telling me where to go. Heh, heh! Yuma occasionally ends up in the front seat from his post in the back area, but he is pretty good with the bumps. He likes to look intently over my shoulder as we drive. I think he is a back seat driver. Luckily, he never says anything, or I would make him walk.

  7. I also think your mystery fellow is a morel but wasn't aware they grew out here. Looks like it needs to open. Your pictures are aweseome I think we need a jeep.