Saturday, February 4, 2017

Julian, California and Beyond

Saturday, February, 4, 2017

Had a bit of wind last night.  Went outside a couple of times to make sure the antenna was still there and it was.  Too lazy to take it down.  The sound of the wind from inside the MH was much worse than the wind really was.

In the morning, with the sunrise, the wind died down and I could tell it was going to be a pretty day with very few clouds.  They are calling for rain for the next few days, so Yuma and I decided to drive to the top of the San Ysidro Mountains to Julian.  A very popular tourist town for the San Diego crowd on weekends.

As I was drinking coffee and reading blogs, I heard small engines outside, so went out to see what it was.  There were four or five motorized paragliders going over the desert.



Our neighbor Tom and Lula came over to say goodbye.  Yuma and Lula did some visiting while we talked.  He and his wife, Martha Ann, are moving to a remote campground in Coyote Canyon, not far away.  We may visit that canyon in the Jeep and if so, we will stop and visit.




This time, when we came to the fork in the road, we went right instead of left like we did yesterday and headed towards Blair Valley and on to Julian.  We’ll save Blair Valley for another day. 



The drive up to Julian through the Ysidro Mountain range is very pretty.  Much different at 4226 feet than at the desert floor.  It is cool and there are plenty of trees.


As I thought, Julian was crowded, but Yuma and I had a great time playing like California tourists and taking pictures of everything.  Yuma, even met a few California dogs.

1-IMG_2606  1-IMG_26101-IMG_26141-IMG_26171-IMG_26181-IMG_26201-IMG_2621

Julian is famous for its pies.  Unfortunately, they would not allow Yuma to have any.




Had a snow fight with these two girls.


Once we had our fill of Julian, we drove on further North into the mountains.  Cheryl Dean of Deep Canyon had mentioned in a comment on my blog that  Ricardo Breceda, the man who made the metal sculptures in Borrego Springs lived in the mountains near a town named Aguanga about 40 miles away on hwy 79, so we decided to check it out. 

On the way there, we passed through the small town of Santa Ysabel and it had a small Mission built in 1818.   It sure is a beautiful day for a drive in the mountains of California!  We have driven over 100 miles and I know Yuma is tired.



About a mile outside the small town of Aguanga, I started seeing sculptures along side the road on the hilltops.  Then I came to a place where all the metal sculptures were in one place being sold to the public.



I will save the photos of the Ricardo Breceda metal sculpture collection for tomorrow night’s blog.  I think they are calling for clouds with rain, so it will be good to save some material for a rainy day.

When we were within two miles of getting to the desert floor coming down from the San Ysidro Mountains on hwy S22, we came on this accident.  Doesn’t look like anyone was hurt, but there was a lot of excitement around there.


Looks like the officer is giving this guy a ticket, or maybe he is a witness.  Don’t want to make any assumptions.


Uh oh!  The guy caught me taking his picture.  Better high-tail it down the mountain.

I heard the officer ask him if he saw the arrow.  And the the guy said “What arrow?  I didn’t even see the Indians!”


See you later.


  1. Oh, my! I hope that fella doesn't track you down! Fantastic metal sculptures. Mr. Breceda is very talented. You and Yuma should have stopped at the donut shop in Julian. I love all the pictures!

    1. Thanks, Dolly. It was quite crowded and was afraid Yuma would get in the way if I tried to go into any shops. I was surprised at how young Ricardo Breceda is.

  2. That be a place we need to check out have seen his sculptures around town so maybe if we take a drive to Julian, he does some amazing work.

    1. Mr. Breceda himself was at the sales lot. He has tons of them there for sale. You could buy that wagon and horses and take them back to Canada with you.

  3. He is frequently there to meet and greet people! He is very friendly! I'm so glad you made it there.

    Glad you also stopped at the little mission. I love that one. It is very welcoming.

    Did you buy a pie to take home?

    1. No pie. Glad you gave me the information. It was an enjoyable visit and got lots of pictures.

  4. One of the things that makes this Borrego Springs area so great is the topography. Within literally minutes of driving through warm desert winds blowing sand around one can be high in the mountains driving through snow. From desert cactus to pine forests and mountain streams. We haven't made it as far as Aguanga yet but we may drive up through there to have us a look at the Jojoba Hills Escapee Park which we hear is pretty nice.

    1. It is a nice area. I could live here. Just wish it wasn't here in expensive California. That San Diego - Indio road is sure busy. Everyone was in a hurry. Luckily, I was only on that part for a couple of miles.

  5. Great pictures, looks like you and Yuma took a great ride today. Our list is getting longer about places to visit when we get to that area. Love the pictures of the mission.

    1. This area has a lot to offer. Well worth going out of your way for. Just be sure to go into town and get a map of the area. They have a free one that I think is good. Interesting reading about the stolen bells at the Mission.

  6. Looks like a pretty neat area. Do you know how long some of those sculptures have been out in the desert? The serpent one is very awesone!

    1. I think the serpent is the best one too, Steve. I need to do a little google search and find out how long they have been here. The guy that does them is only in his 60s. I can't believe no one has made a comment about my "arrow" joke. I can't stop laughing, when I read it!

  7. Replies
    1. About time someone said something! I can't stop laughing ever time I look at the picture and read it. Thank you Kristi.

  8. I must admit, I had to ask the family what the joke meant! Went right over my head! 😊 Your drive looks beautiful, I liked seeing some tall leafy trees on your trip!

    1. I hope it was obvious when someone pointed out the arrow sign and the car in the ditch. Big trees in those mountain valleys.

  9. Replies
    1. Thanks, Steve. I think Dolly may have put you guys up to it. But, that's okay. The joke was hilarious, even if I have to say so myself.

  10. Love the high desert! Such great pics!