Thursday, February 23, 2017

Cat Lady and another move

Thursday, February 23, 2017

My location:  Three mile West of Bouse, Arizona off Plomosa Drive

Yesterday afternoon, something happened I wanted to share, but thought yesterday’s blog was getting too long.  As I was coming out of the Albertsons Food Store and walking back to the RV, I saw this elderly lady standing at the back of her car with the hatch open.  All around her were cats.


I could tell, she really cared for them and they loved her.  I was curious, so walked up to her and asked her what was going on in a friendly way.

She told me that these were cats left by their owners when the BlueLine Motel and Trailer Park next door closed down.


For the past year she has been coming to the parking lot to feed and water these cats every other day.  She would take them to get spayed/neutered and she was paying for this out of her own pocket.

What a kind hearted lady she is.  I could tell the cats were very healthy and well-fed.  Looked like house cats but lived in the run down motel/trailer park.  It makes my heart feel good to know there are loving and caring people like her.

Here’s an idea of what the motel/trailer park looks like.  There are people still living in some of the places.  Not sure the situation, but not good, that is for sure.







Anyway, you get the idea.  It is a squalid place for cats or humans.

Well, on with this morning.  We took a walk first thing and when we came back to the MH, there was a cat underneath it.


I knew I wasn’t going to stay next to that squalid place another night, so after all my morning duties and a trip to the store for groceries, we headed East on I-10.   I didn’t realize it was only 12 miles to Quartzsite from Blythe.  If I had known that I would have come over yesterday afternoon.  Oh well!  Now I’m back in Arizona where the gas is cheaper.


Very pretty drive through the mountains to Quartzsite.


Stopped in Quartzsite just long enough to fill the MH and off we headed for the boondocks.  Went through town and turned left on hwy 95 and went about 12 miles to Plomosa Drive.  This blacktop road takes you to the small village of Bouse.

It goes over a few small mountains and then drops down to the desert floor.


My destination is just a mile or so down this mountainside, just before reaching Bouse.


There’s Bouse down at the bottom left.  This is pretty country.  I’m going to have fun Jeepin’ around here!


Now this story should end with me finding the same boondocking spot I’ve been to for three years now and setting up camp.  But, Nooooo!

As I pulled off the blacktop to go the short distance to the site I wanted, I missed the  turn-off I should have taken, so I turned around in the large gravel area and as I went back to get to the site I wanted, there was a small wash between me and my destination.   I saw a place that been driven through and thought to myself, that dip isn’t so bad.

I could have easily, just driven back to the blacktop and turned at the right turn-off and been done with it.  But not me.  That dip wasn’t so bad.

I went down the little gravel road into the wash and started back the other side and came to a jolting stop.  My RV rear-end had dug into the ground so hard that it stopped me dead.

I get out of the RV, unhook the Jeep and pull the hitch off and get back in and try going back and forward.  Still nothing but spinning of tires and that horrible rubber smell that Yuma knows so well.


So, I’m not rattled yet.   I get out, still sure I was going to get out of this.  I take four boards and my trusty carpet pieces and place them under the rear wheels and get back in and try going back and forward.  Still nothing but spinning of tires and that horrible rubber smell that Yuma knows so well.


Now I know I’m stuck in the wash.  First the Jeep the other day.  Now the MH.  I know I’m a real dumb a— now!  I look around.  Luckily, I’m not 12 miles from nowhere this time.  There are two 5th wheels about a quarter mile away.  Yuma and I walk over to them and yell out to see if anybody was home.


A man popped his head out of one 5th wheel and another man popped his head out of the other 5th wheel.  I’m in luck.  I introduce myself and meet Butch and Denny.  I explain my predicament and Denny and Butch jump into one of the big four wheel drive trucks and follow me and Yuma back to my RV.

All three of us take a look and decide that I should put the hitch and ball back on the MH and Denny would hook a strap to it and he would pull it back out of the wash.  I put the RV in reverse and he put a little tug on the strap and I came slowly up out of that wash easy as you please.  You can tell the hitch brace had dug deeply into the rocky gravel and lifted the rear tires off the ground so I couldn’t move.


We chatted a little bit and off they went.

I go about setting up my site and call it a day.  Hope I’m learning something and won’t keep repeating these stupid mistakes in judgement.  Maybe I’m getting too old for this life.

But, life is still good!


See you later.


  1. I'm nt sure Yuma will make through all these getting stuck adventures! At least this one wasn't too harrowing. Glad you boys are in safe. Beautiful story of the lady taking care of the abandon cats. If only everyone was so kind to their fellow creatures.

  2. Thank you Dolly. Just another day in the life of a guy who won't learn from prior mistakes.

  3. Well, you're certainly finding unique ways to meet people this winter !

    1. You're right Moonfly. I hadn't thought of it in that way, but that certainly has been the case. Probably better on my vehicles if I find another way.

  4. Could you have lowered your leveling jacks and place a board or two under your wheels? When we had a steep driveway we needed to check if a new motorhome could be driven up the drive. When I backed out I went off the driveway and was stuck fast. I placed a number of boards under the jack and raised the motorhome enough to place boards under the wheels and was able to continue backing out of the drive.

    1. My MH is not equiped with leveling jacks. I do it the old fashion way, with 1x8 boards. The only way it was moving is if I dug out the hill side or someone pulled me out. I chose the later.

  5. Replies
    1. I promise, Cheryl Ann, I am learning from my mistakes. No more getting lost or stuck.

  6. It's not an uncommon thing to hang up a rig like that and I know 2 other fellow RV'ers who have had that happen. Oh the joys of RVing eh:))

    1. I'm learning the limitations of what I can do, but slowly and painfully. Just like my body, these vehicles can only do so much.

  7. You got lucky that there was help nearby. These things do happen, we got us stuck in the Imperial dunes many years ago but were lucky to get out without too much trouble .

    1. Glad you got out okay. I was dug into the ground pretty good. Lots of nice and helpful people out here.

  8. Doug, I'm sorry you got stuck again! But, Thank goodness for Butch and Denny! :) I'm glad they were there to help you out. I think that cat lady is precious. That's very sweet of her. Back in AZ...that means you're on your way home i hope! Enjoy the drive! Such pretty views!!!

    1. Thank you, Sarah. Glad you mentioned the cat lady. She is so caring. I am on my way home slowly.

  9. What can I say? I have a feeling we will all be in this predicament more than once so you are certainly not alone. Love the cat story! So what did you name the one you found under your rig. Hahahahaha.

    1. Yuma was thinking breakfast when he saw the cat. If Shaena had been there, I'm sure it would have a name.

      The cat woman is sure a nice and caring lady.

  10. Thank you so much for sharing this story and bless that woman. These days, there is so much negative news out there, and it is reassuring to know that there are still good people. Also, shame on the former owner of the BlueLine Motel and Trailer Park. Hopefully the situation there is improved. Great desert and mountain photos, I enjoyed them.

    Liza Pilon @ Prairie City RV