Sunday, November 3, 2019

Another slow day

Not much of a blog tonight.  Turned out to be a beautiful day with the high around 55 degrees.  Normally, that would be cold but with the sun it just felt nice.

We were expecting to receive delivery of our new 55 inch Visio TV on Saturday, but it wasn't delivered.  Checked online with FedEx and it won't be delivered till Tuesday sometime.  Luckily we didn't move TVs around to prepare early. Pays to procrastinate sometimes.

With the time change, I'm ready for bed but it is only 7 o'clock; too early for bed.  I'm hoping to have more energy once I get to the southwest and start hiking more often.  Looking back, I notice the first weeks of my trips, I talk about being tired, but as the days go by, the feeling must disappear because I no longer mention being tired.

Spent some time this evening going over my Trip Check List so I don't forget anything when I leave.  Before I know it, I will be rushing around trying to get things done before I can leave.

Back to watching some football.  See you later.


  1. Funny how the southwest revives us all in many different ways. But, it is ALLLL good!

  2. You will be fine once you hit the road. Lots of exploring to do in the south. Enjoy your winter.