Thursday, December 30, 2021

First trip out of the country to Mexico

 Hello! This is Nick, Doug's grandson. Ill be sharing my first trip out of the country to Mexico. We woke up this morning a little earlier than usual, around 8:30, in anticipation for me making the journey with Tom and Deb to Mexico. We were planning on leaving at 9:30. I had a quick bowl of cereal and got dressed and I was ready! With the extra time I had before I made my departure I wrote in my journals. One is just for how I'm feeling and the other is a dream journal. I had an interesting one that Grandpa was a high school teacher and I was in his class! I went outside to walk around for a bit but right when I walked out the door I saw Tom and Deb heading my way. 

It was a quick drive over to Los Algodones. We parked right outside Mexico in a big parking lot and headed into the country. Before we were even across I noticed someone asking if I wanted any dental or optical work done. This would be a common question throughout the day. We got through with no issues and didn't even have to talk to anyone or show any passports. 

Right when we got inside the vendors tried to get me to buy anything they were selling. From jewelry, to wallets, to sunglasses, to hats. This would not be a fun place to be if you have trouble saying no to people! We walked up and down the streets looking at all the trinkets you could buy. 

After browsing for awhile we decided to get some lunch. I was surprised when we got inside the restaurant there was still people trying to sell us stuff! I got three chicken tacos and a mango margarita thanks to Tom and Deb. We enjoyed our meal and sat and talked for awhile. We also listened to the musicians play live music. I should have taken more pictures of the inside! Before long we were ready for our final stop, the pharmacy.

The building across the street from where we ate lunch

While Tom and Deb did their thing, I hung out outside to try and take a few more pictures because I realized I had been slacking! 

Sleepy pup

While taking pictures I had a few short conversations with some of the locals. I met this guy who wanted his picture taken.

His friend told me to caption the picture "Chulo"
We then regrouped and decided to head back. We got to the line and luckily it wasn't a huge line. There was vendors trying to sell you stuff even on the way out! I also ran into my friend from earlier who wanted his picture taken and we said our farewells. After making our way through security we got back to the car and headed back to base.

Last look back to Mexico

We made one last detour and went down a dirt road along the Colorado river just outside Mexico. We passed by a decent amount of people camping out back there in the tall brush. Towards the end there was a big pet cemetery.

Another short drive back to our spots and I was in the white lion ready to rest for a little bit. Grandpa and Yuma came back about 30 minutes later from hanging out with Shane and Cathy. It sounded like things went good while I was gone but Yuma was worried about me! We hung out for a little bit, then made some burgers for dinner, then it was time to write the blog! Now's time for dessert and off to bed. Thanks for stopping by. 


  1. You missed your chance to get a gold front tooth for Christmas.

  2. Great bog, Nick! The trip to Mexico sounds like it was fun. I'm sure you met some interesting people - like your amingo Chulo. Super pictures of the Mexican streets shops. Yuma would have liked to have met the sleepy dog you saw. Thank you for sharing your trip. A big thank you to Tom and Deb for making it possible.

  3. It sounds like you enjoyed your visit to the 'fun side of the wall'. We have our dental work done in Tijuana and visit Tecate and San Felipe a few times every year. Its colorful, loud and folks trying to make a living, not much different that other places.
    Trust you enjoyed your Margarita! A great post from a fresh perspective.

  4. That was a totally accurate description of Algones Nick. I've been there several times running the vendors gauntlet. Some people don't mind being accosted like that but I am not one of them!! Good job on the blog.

  5. I wish I could have gone with you but with no passport I may have been stuck in Mexico. Loved the pictures and your views of your first trip to Mexico. Hope to hear more from you.

  6. I love reading the blog.
    You painted a beautiful picture for me. I was like I was there. Did you get any thing ?
    I loved the photos as well.
    Sounds like you met some Wonderful people. Can't wait until we talk again love you my world traveler.
    ❤️ Mom

  7. Hello Nick. Welcome to the blogging experience. An excellent job filling us in on the day’s adventures. I’m sure Deb & Tom were great tour guides. I look forward to reading more posts from you and seeing these adventures from your view too. Keep up the good work.

  8. Great blog Nick!! Yes they do try to sell you just about everything under the sun! You have to admit though, the people are all really nice and friendly. And you got some great pictures!! Tell Grandpa to get his passport!! It's always an experience. Glad you made it back!!

  9. You made it interesting and glad that you shared it with us

  10. Great job Nick! It was very interesting to see it from your perspective! We've never been (no passports either)but I'm sure we wouldn't like all those people trying to sell us things. Sweet that Tom and Deb took you along with them, they are really special people :) How did you like the mango margarita? Look forward to you writing again! The pictures were awesome ! Love the comment from your mom :)

  11. Great to have a guest blogger😀. Think someone else asked but did you buy any trinkets Nick? You got some great pictures in Mexico. How did you like your lunch? Did you have to show your passport coming back in! Miss you little buddy! ❤️

  12. Great first blog Nick and I like the idea of keeping journals. It was really nice that Tom and Deb took you for your first time across, it is always nice to have someone do that. We certainly do enjoy our time over there and the interaction with the vendors and the lines they come out with. We do make purchases when we want something and have found that we seem to go back to favorite vendors. Hope you get to go across again.

  13. What a great post, Nick! It is nice to remember the 'first time visitor' perspective, it seems long ago we started! We don't mind the vendors and can say 'no thank you' easily and often. We've picked up our friends word "Manana" too. Maybe tomorrow. ;) It was very nice of Tom and Deb to show you the ropes and you'll see your friend Chula again if you go back. We've made a few that we see each time and they remember us.

  14. Back in 2015, November, I got glasses at Los Algodones. Two pair cost 50% less than what I pay in the states, including an eye exam. Yes, lots of vendors, but I just walked by knowing where I was going. Had a good lunch as the glasses were being made, and was only in Mexico for about 3 hours total.

  15. Hello Nick, nice to read from you. A different style of writing than grandpa and interesting photos. I remember going to Mexico once in 1993 - only for a short time from San Diego to Tijuana. That was a long time ago and I can't remember any details.
    Greetings from Berlin, Germany and Happy New Year (here in 90 minutes).

  16. Hi Nick! Glad you have now experienced a foreign land. Did you experience Montezuma's revenge? That is one of the items I seem to always get although none of the vendors promote it much.