Friday, November 18, 2022

Cleaning House

 Woke up with the sun this morning and it was a cold 36 degrees outside.  I just laid in bed and and solved a few Wordle games and a Phrazle.  I play daily with Patsy and Nancy.  Patsy got us hooked and some days are mind draining not to mention time consuming!

At 9 o'clock I popped out of bed and put a double layer of clothing on and Yuma and I stepped outside.  To my amazement there was no wind, a bright sun and all ready warmer outside than in my metal home.  The extra layers came off quickly.

We ran into Riley walking up to the Igloo and I asked if Deb was far behind.  She said Deb was still hiking and she was ready to quit so came home.  They are early risers and usually hike about 6-8000 steps early.

Yuma and I headed in the direction Riley came from and it wasn't long before we could see Deb coming out of the mountain foothills.

Yuma finally saw her approaching and off he ran to meet her.

Yuma enjoys being with Deb and Riley.  Many more pets and attention.  Look at that smile on Yuma and Deb too, as they approach the old man.
See what I mean?  Look at that sly look in Yuma's eye!

Yesterday, I promised myself I would clean house.  After breakfast and a couple of cups of coffee, it was noon already.  Couldn't procrastinate any longer.  I pulled out a bucket and filled it with soapy water and a mop.  I hardly started when I broke the mop handle and then I was on my hands and knees cleaning the floor.

 You can see where I haven't mopped.  The WL had gotten very dusty over the summer and I didn't bother to clean it when it wasn't running.  Now that I'm really boondocking, it is time to clean house.

Mopped and then did a little walking the dog and then a little laying in the sun until dinner time.  Also had a few chats with the neighbors.  Yuma gets spoiled over there.  It turned out to be just a gorgeous day.  Very little wind and the sun beating down.

Tonight is Gold Rush, so around 5 o'clock I pulled out the grill and threw three hotdogs on.  My, did they taste good.  Yuma loved his mixed with his dogfood.
He's a happy and tired boy.

While eating dinner, I was watching Gold Rush and now Gold Rush: White Water.  As soon as they are over and I've finished my post, I'm calling it a night.  

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. It looks like it was a beautiful day in Arizona. I hope you and Yuma have many more. It's always a good feeling to get things cleanedup.

    1. Yes it does. I'm feeling more comfortable. Love Arizona in the Fall.

  2. I would say I'm sorry for getting you 'hooked' on the Wordle games but i know you enjoy it and i like the closeness we all share from a distance!
    Nice day for sure. You did good with your cleaning!!
    Cute pix of Yuma in the chair.

  3. They sure spend a bunch of $$$ to find gold. Tonight's made me not feel so bad about not tossing anything away. You never know when you may need that spare part. Whenever I've tossed something, the next day-week-month I need it.

    1. Yes, it is expensive. I think Rick Ness found that out. I was really rooting for him. Now I'm hoping the soldier boys find a big vein or they're out. At least we can run to a store nearby and not have them flown in.

  4. It was a very nice day, quiet and peaceful. We should look at the mop, maybe a way to just replace the handle or of course you could buy a new one.


  5. Gold rush white water ... doesn't look like fun to me!! Mops are overrated ... I always end up on the floor with old towels. It works much better!! Pets for Yuma ... he's such a sweet boy!