Friday, March 10, 2023

Slow easy day

 Slept well last night and woke at 7:30 to do my brain strain games.  Going to be warm today with a high of 76 degrees.  Should hit 80 soon.  The weather woman said the normal date for hitting 80 is early February, so we're later than usual.  Maybe tomorrow.

Laid outside in the sun till it got too warm, then moved to the shade.  Even fell asleep for a short time, till Yuma barked and woke me up.

Around 2:30, I was getting so stiff, I figured Yuma and I should go for a short hike to loosen up.  Yuma is always up for a hike.  Drove a short 12 minutes to a trail along the Goldfield Mountains north of Apache Junction.

Started out sunny, but by the time I finished at 4:30, the clouds had moved in.  We walked about a mile in and a mile out.  Not too bad of a workout.  Fairly flat, so not too much stress on the body.  Here are some of the views while on my hike along the trail.

Always a presence in Apache Junction - Superstition Mountains.

Goldfield Mountains above me.

A fly over.

Nervous about snakes, so I put a leash on Yuma.

Another stop at the wild flower pasture on the way home.
This evening I am watching Gold Rush and just finished dinner.  I have learned that inexpensive steak is cheap steak.  I chewed the flavor out of it and gave the meat to Yuma to swallow.  Kay, brought over a homemade cherry cobbler that was delicious.  Thick graham cracker crust and thick homemade whip cream topping.  Yummy!

Last night's moon pictures were terrible, so no picture of the moon tonight.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Many more pretty yellow and orange flowers. All the different cactus are really amazing. It looked like Yuma had fun exploring the trail. If dinner wasn't so great, at least you had a yummy dessert.

    1. Thanks Dolly. Kay saved the day on my dinner. Now to get my blood sugar down. 😀

  2. The pictures you took of your Peralta Canyon Trail Hike are beautiful. Those were some views. Actually all the pictures of your hikes that last few days have been beautiful. I cannot believe all the Saguaros in that area.

  3. The wildflowers are pretty. I’m glad you are hiking and seeing some very beautiful places.


  4. The flowers they are a blooming there!!! Very few here so far.

  5. Beautiful pictures..
    So clear and concise.

  6. Great photos Doug, the colors are bang on. I don't think I've ever seen the desert so green. It just makes me want to drive right out there and go for a long walk.

  7. So beautiful in that area! Love the flowers especially. I commented to Ken i'd be worried about snakes and then you had the leash on Yuma :) Oh that cobbler sounds yummy!