Monday, September 9, 2013

Cave-in-Rock State Park

September 7th, 2013

After breakfast around 11 o’clock this morning all of us headed to the Cave-in-Rock State Park.  Took us over an hour to make the 40 minute trip.  I thought we had passed it, so turned back for about six miles before asking someone and they said to continue the way we were first going about three more miles and we would be there.  We dead-ended right into Hwy 1.


The town of Cave-in-Rock is about 350 in population and Hwy 1 runs right through it and stops at the river on the edge of town where the ferry is located.  We did not take the ferry, but it goes across the river to Kentucky.  It is a quaint and old river town. We went a few short miles north to the park. 


The cave itself is located in the side of the river bluffs and quite cool after being the very hot and humid in the jeep.  Even with AC it is hot with the top down.  Not much to the cave and unfortunately there was graffiti everywhere. 


We then drove through the campground itself to take a look around.  It is small with electricity only so we are glad we didn’t drive the extra 40 minutes last night.  Where we are staying is better.


On the way back to the campground we stopped at the Marina and talked with Doug and Carrie for several hours while they were trying to take care of customers.  Was really great to see the two of them.  I think working in the outside air is good for them and they seem to really enjoy it.


We talked to Doug about staying tomorrow in the parking lot of the Marina way in the back and they had no problem with it.  Dolly will be able to watch her games and I will do some fishing.

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