Monday, September 9, 2013

Day at the Marina

September 8, 2013

Started our day slowly today.  After breakfast, I took a bike ride around the campground while Dolly worked around the motorhome.  Around 11 o’clock we headed to the Marina for the rest of today and will boondock tonight in the parking lot.

I thought it would be a quick Dish set-up for Dolly’s football games but it was far from it.  Called Dish to help me after the second try at connecting.  They said they would call me back in 16 minutes and after an hour I called them on Dolly’s phone and got a technician this time.  It turned out to be my fault.  Back four months ago when I bought the Dish Tailgater, they told me to call and give them my zip code location when traveling and wanting local channels.  The technician changed my location and we were up and going about 2 hours late.

Luckily, Dolly got the Bears game with 9 minutes to go and they were losing by 6 points.  With her help the Bears pulled out a win by 1 point. 

I finally got to go fishing!


Me fishing on the Ohio with a barge going down river.  Didn’t even get a bite.  Did catch a tree limb on my first cast!


At 3:30 the Bass Fishing contest sponsored by Bass Boats was finished and they did their weigh-in at the Marina.  A local man won the heaviest fish and highest total weight for their best 5 fish.  I believe he had a 4.74 lb fish and a total of 17.4 pounds of fish.


After that Doug asked if I was interested in taking a pontoon boat ride up the Ohio and of course I said “Yes”.  We had a great time and I got to drive.

20130908_172053 20130908_172151

It was time to call it a night.  It was so hot and humid I had the AC running most of the night.  This is a pic of our site from the water as we were returning to the Marina.


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