Thursday, January 16, 2014

In the Boonies

Thursday, January 16, 2014

We got up this morning and I had cereal for breakfast and then started getting the motorhome ready for travel.  Don’t have much to do since I put the bike on the jeep yesterday and don’t have to hook the jeep to the motorhome because we are only going about 16 miles back into the boonies.

I dumped the grey and black tanks, unhooked the water, unhooked the electricity and plugged it into the inverter output plug, disconnected the converter, turned on the inverter.  Lastly, I retracted both slides and put the fridge on propane and we were ready to go.  Beat the check-out time of 11 am by a whole 15 minutes.

About a half hour later, we had parked the motorhome while we looked for a good boondocking spot in the jeep. 

Looking for a boondock spot
Lookin’ for a boondock spot.
Still Lookin'
Still lookin’

Found one and went back, got the motorhome and we are here ready to boondock if the phones work, we can text and the Dish TV works.  Isn’t technology a pain in the butt?!  Can’t boondock unless we are connected.

Found a spot
Checked the AT&T phones and we are getting around two to three bars, but it is roaming bars, so will not be able to use it for blogging purposes.  Pulled out the Verizon MIFI that I brought along for just this occasion and hooked it to my antenna and I get 4 bars of 3G.  I get the internet now, so hope it will publish my blog this evening. 

Had an early lunch/dinner with the Ferg.
Fergie and I eating lunch.
Here is the south view from our motorhome:
View out the window looking south. 

Looking south
South South
Looking east
Looking north
Looking west

We made a quick run about 7 miles to the little town of Bouse.  Not much there but I believe it was bingo night at the community center.

Bouse Booster Club
Bouse Community Club

“B” for Bouse

Then we came home to rest for the evening.
First sunset in the boonies 
See you later


  1. Looks like you got yourself a good spot. It's a great area with lots of mining & military history. Great place to get a little 4 wheeling dust on that Jeep & get that crankcase into gear:))

  2. Looks very beautiful there! Glad to see you could still a connection. How long do you plan on staying in that spot? How many days in a row can you boondock?