Saturday, January 11, 2014

In Search of a Boondocking Site and Palm Canyon

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Morning started bright, sunny and 43 degrees.  Going up to 72 today, so another warm one.  Wish I had brought more short sleeved shirts.
Me and Fergie starting another day

Forgot to mention that Al of the Travels with the Bayfield Bunch has a big write-up and pictures of our visit to their home last Thursday.  Scroll down to that date on his blog in the link above to view.

After breakfast, I went to see more flea market booths.  I bought Dolly a pretty T shirt with horses on it and she loved it. I saw this beautiful western leather coat that fit my skinny body to a “t”.  Want $100 for it which is a steal for such a beautiful coat; but I just couldn’t pull the trigger on it.  Don’t know when I would ever have the chance to wear it back home.  Not quite Illinois style.

Western coat with fringe

On my next stop I made the mistake of pulling into the “RV Country” parking lot.  Before I knew what was happening, I was whisked off towards the rows of motorhomes in a golf cart by a slick salesman named Ed Hulahan.  Started me out with a $34,000 Bounder and we ended up in a $139,000 Monaco diesel pusher.  It was when he started pulling out sales paperwork that I came to my senses and said “I better talk to my wife first”; then I ran for the hills before I got myself into big trouble.  Actually walked, but it was a fast walk.  He didn’t offer to take me to my jeep in his fancy golf cart.  He was already busy with another sucker.

Stopped by a little country store and picked up my list of stuff that Dolly gave me for milk, OJ and bread.  She had to write it down or I would have missed something, I am sure.

I am hoping next week to spend three to five days out in the boonies away from everyone, except for the Dish TV of course. Can’t rough it too much.  Looking forward to the RV park savings because we are averaging right at $25 a day, and free will bring that average down nicely.  I am hoping we like it and do it all the time but, we will just have to see if it works out for us. 

About 8 miles south of Quartzsite on highway 95 to Yuma, I ran into the boondocking area and talked with some nice folks to make sure it was the right area, and it was.  Free land for squattin’, otherwise known as to boondocking by the RV crowd.

Decided to head further south on 95 and about 25 miles down the road I saw a sign pointing to the left on a dirt road that said Palm Canyon.  I had heard about, and seen pictures of Palm Canyon from my blogging friends Al and Kelly, so decided to take a look for myself.

After about 5 miles of bone jarring washboard dirt road, I saw another sign that said “Palm Canyon”, 4 miles.  I had gone so far already, what is another 4 miles of bone jarring road. Heading for Palm Canyon Kofo Mountains Sonoran DesertKofo Mountains 
Below is a picture of the palm trees in a crevice in the rocks.
   Palms in Palm Canyon 
Below is a closer look of those palm trees.
 Palm Canyon
Sonoran Desert from inside Palm Canyon 
Looking back into the Sonoran Desert from Palm Canyon.
Palm Canyon Hike

See you later.


  1. I should have mentioned to stay close to the south shoulder on that washboard road. It was much better than the center part. Nice that you got to see the Palms in sunlight........

  2. Thanks Al. Didn't realize how bumpy these roads really are!
    Do you have a boondocking place to recommend near Quartzsite? I will be pretty familiar with the roads around here by Thursday when we leave this RV park.

  3. looks like it is beautiful out west! and you guys are having a good time and enjoying the nice weather.

  4. Thanks Steve. We are having a great time. I love getting up in the morning to warm sunshine. Short sleeve weather here.