Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Sedona Again and Historic Jerome

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Woke up to a beautiful sunrise this morning!  It is a cloudless, clear morning with no wind at all.  32 degrees and kinda cool but it won’t last long before the sun warms up the Verde Valley.
Had a nice breakfast while watching the news and around 10:30 Dolly, Fergie and I headed out for more pictures on scenic highway 179 going from Cottonwood to Sedona.  This time we took a few side canyon roads near Sedona to get few pictures.
Heading to Highway 179
Holy Cross Chapel in Sedona
Can you see the eagle?
Dolly and Fergie among the cactus.
We bought this in Sedona for winter home.  Hope we win the lotto before the check bounces!
Love the view!
What we can afford!

We then continued about six miles up 89A to the town of Jerome.  If you remember in my previous pictures from our RV park, this is the small town on the side of Cleopatra Hill.  89A winds up the mountains through Jerome on its way to Prescott on the other side.
Coming up 89A
Where are the gas pumps 

Where are the gas pumps?
1-DSC02935  image
Who is in the cool hat!         Historic town of Jerome
Anybody got to go?
Anybody got to go?
View from Jerome looking east across Verde Valley
About 2 pm, we were on our way home stopping to gas the jeep.  Want to have it full when we leave to tomorrow morning for Quartzsite, AZ. 

Made one final stop at NAPA to get some sandpaper to sand the light rust on my Blue OX hitch.  Hopefully this will loosen the slides on the hitch so it will slide down on the jeep when not in use.  When I took it off the other day, I could not get it to slide so I just took it off the jeep and slid it under the motorhome, until I had the time to get the sandpaper and work on it.

For some reason, all three of us are tired from our ride today.  Dolly fixed some lunch for everyone and we watched a little TV.

At 4 pm, Dolly gave Fergie a biffy baffie (bath).  She was filthy from yesterday when she and I hiked through the marshland.  I took this time to work on the hitch.  After a little sanding to get the light rust off and then spraying the hitch slide generously with WD40, Dolly pushed on it while I held it and voila, it broke loose and slid down onto the jeep perfectly.  I love it when a plan comes together.

I then hitched up the jeep to be ready for an early departure tomorrow morning.  It’s about a five hour drive to Quartzsite, but we are stopping by a blog friends’ house in Congress, AZ on our way.  That will be my topic for tomorrow.

See you later.

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