Friday, December 5, 2014

Ajo, Arizona at Last

Friday, December 5, 2014

Last night I was so tired after working on the TV and the long hike to the casino and walking around inside, I didn’t have dinner.  I just went to bed.  This morning, I was starving, so decided it was time to make some eggs and ham.  That and a half grapefruit, milk and orange juice and I felt full.  The eggs were a little dry and tough, but filling.  Nothing like Dolly makes.  Will have to work on it.Eggs and hamAt 9:30 I was on the road toward Ajo, Arizona.  Only a 120 mile trip today, so will arrive early in time to find the perfect boondocking spot for the next two weeks.

Just a little ways down Highway 86 I started seeing mountains.  I went through mountains, desert valleys and through Indian reservations.

These are the Comobari Mountains just southwest of Tucson, Arizona.Comobari MountainsThen I caught a photo of  Kitt Peak National Observatory.Kitt Peak National Observatory image
The scenery was beautiful going through the Tohono O’Odham Nation.  There were many saguaro cactus, mesquite trees and cholla cactus and barrel cactus everywhere.Desert scenery Desert scenery desert scenery
This may be Mt. Ajo off to the south as I close in on Why, Arizona.  Elevation of this mountain is 4808 feet.  However, I am not very familiar with the mountain ranges around here, so could be wrong.Mt. Ajo

Turned right at Why and had 6 miles to Darby Well Road just south of Ajo, Arizona on highway 85.  I could see Black Mountain to my left.  I will be staying just on the other side.Black MountainTurned left on Darby Well Road and I could see that it had rained here yesterday, but the road was mostly dry.  Black Mountain is dead ahead.Black Mountain

Found a beautiful secluded place with my door facing Black Mountain.  This will hopefully be my home for the next couple of weeks.  The weather is just gorgeous with temps at 71 degrees and a slight breeze.

This is the life.Resting after a 1900 mile journey

See you later.

Casino Del Sol, Arizona to Ajo, Arizona


  1. Nice to see you took the highway past Kitt Peak to Why. One of my favorite Arizona drives. Lots of Jeep roads close to Darby Well road. Olsens is a great grocery store in Ajo & you can dump tanks at an RV Park just across from there I think. You will like the 23 mile loop drive down at Organ Pipe. Check out the Hickiwan RV Park just behind the small Casino in Why. If you get back to Kitt Peak it's a nice mountain drive going up there & lots of interesting stuff once you get to the observatories. If you type Ajo or Darby Well road into my blogs 'Search' bar you can maybe get some ideas where to go & what to see.........

  2. Al, thanks for all the interesting information. Good to know where to shop and some things to see. I have already searched your blog and there is a lot of good info.
    Thank you.