Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Hiking in the Barry

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Golden sunrise over Ajo Took a walk around camp this morning.  The weather is beautiful and the saguaro cactus and mesquite bushes are nice and green .  I think the recent rains here have made the plants greener than normal.  The bright green trees in the background are Palo Verde trees, the state tree of Arizona. Beautiful day for a hike

After breakfast and allowing time for my solar panel to bring my batteries up to full, I headed into Ajo, on my way to the Barry M. Goldwater Firing Range located just north of Ajo.Ajo coming in from the south With the permit I received yesterday, they gave me the lock combination of the jeep roads on the east side of highway 85.  The west side is off-limits.  The firing range is still very active.  The first gate is 11 miles up highway 85. Gate 15 Dolly and I were here earlier this year, so I was familiar with the area.  It is so beautiful and rugged I wanted to see it again.Nice sandy road Rugged country

Not bad terrain

Water poolLizard  Dead tree Petroglyphs Stovan WellI am tired from all the walking today.  I was out and about for five hours today.  Time for a little TV and off to bed. SunsetSee you later.

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