Monday, December 8, 2014

Running Around Today

Monday, December 8, 2014

Continuing my hike from yesterday, I soon crossed markers that indicate someone has claimed this spot for digging.  From what I understand, anyone can register a claim for a certain period of time.  Inside those white cups on the stakes contain the filing information for that claim.  I can’t see walking all the way out here to dig in this hard dirt for whatever, but I guess people do it.

Prospecting claim

Still have a ways to go.  The terrain is very rocky and you must always watch your step or you will step on a rock the wrong way and turn an ankle.  Then you’re crawling your way out.  There is no one to help you out here.  Quite a desolate place. Getting closer Ankle twisting terrain

Looking back I can still see the RV through the Ochillo and saguaro cactus.  RV still there

I am not as strong as I was last year.  Didn't get enough bicycling this year so my feet and legs need a rest.  Plus, I bought new boots and I am breaking them in.Feet need to rest

I can now see my objective.   Looks like little caves up there.  Time to check it out.Almost there  Darn, it looks like someone has been here before.  Wouldn’t be surprised if the enclave has not been used by Mexican illegal aliens on their way into the states. Small enclave  

One last photo of the desert floor below me and then its time to get home.  The sun is getting low in the sky and I don’t want to be here after dark.  Forgot to bring a flashlight.     Looking out from enclave

It was an enjoyable hike but my legs are tired.

Now for today

My legs were a little spongy this morning, but it didn't stop me from making a big breakfast of fried eggs, bacon and a nice butter and jelly muffin.  Beginning to like cooking breakfast; not so much dinner.  Again last night I skipped dinner.

Sunrise Doing dishes   

After breakfast and washing the dishes, I decided I would make a container for the volt meter I bought with my new inverter before leaving home last month.  Without a volt meter gauge, I have to go outside and check it manually to make sure I am not running my batteries down too far.  I don’t have a couple of things to complete the task, so time to go into Ajo to the Napa store for parts.

On the way into town, I see these guys everywhere.  Not the same guys, but the Border Patrol is everywhere around this area.Border Patrol Got a package of ring terminals and some electrical wire and soon I was back at home working hard to make this happen.  The meter is the kind that should be inserted into a wall, but I don’t want to cut a hole in the RV wall, so I bought a plastic food container and cut a hole in the top of it.  Then I drilled a couple of holes in the side of the container for my red and black wires and my volt meter gauge now has a home.  Wired it to the positive and negative terminals on the pure sine inverter and the blue light came on telling me exactly how much voltage I have.  Now I don’t have to go outside to check it.  It is sitting on my table to see at anytime I want.

12.7 volts is a full battery and 12 volts is a dead battery, so my batteries are a little low and need charging.  Unfortunately, today was overcast and I could not use my 100 watt solar panel to charge it so it will have to wait for tomorrow.  If there is no sun tomorrow, I will be forced to start up the generator and do it the mechanical way. 

I love working with all this stuff that makes Rving fun and connected to the world.Volt Meter

This took me most of the day.  It is now time to put all the tools away and get ready for some Monday night football. 

See you later.

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