Thursday, March 22, 2018

Kartchner Caverns State Park

Thursday, March 22, 2018 – Location: Kartchner Caverns State Park, Arizona

This morning, I rose with the sun and took Yuma for his last walk down the hill into the valley.  We had a quick breakfast and packed up to leave this beautiful place.


Going to be a hot one today.  Breaking a record in Tucson at 91 degrees and we will get to 84 here.  It was overcast to start the day, so I was able to get done with preparing for departure before it got hot.

While I was pumping up one of the tires, I turned on the generator and as I was standing by the driver’s side door, I happened to look down at the door.  The sun was lighting up the little cubby holes in the door and what did I see??  My Wilson Verizon internet booster was inside the first cubby hole.  Being black it was hard to see.  I have no idea who would put it there or why!  Couldn’t have been me!!!


Didn’t have far to go today.  Forty-five miles to be exact.  Just on the other side of the beautiful Whetstone Mountains.  We were rolling at 9:30 and stopped in Sonoita to fill or propane tank.  Probably could get it cheaper down the road, but this was convenient.

Then we turned onto hwy 82 and headed east toward Whetstone.  Went right through the valley between the Whetstone Mountains and the Mustang Mountains.  Only twenty miles.


Turned left on hwy 90 and went north for ten miles and turned into the State Park. right at 11 o’clock.   I parked in the RV parking area and went to the visitor center to see if I could camp for the night and get a ticket to tour the caverns.


East side of the Whetstone Mountains.


I was surprised with how crowded this place is.  The RV campground was full but the lady said I could stay in the overflow parking lot for $15.  I asked if that included the dump station, water and the the shower rooms and she said yes. 

Fantastic, got a place to stay for half off.  With dumps costing $10, I figure I’m staying for $5.    They could only get me a ticket for 4:20 in the afternoon; the last tour.  Perfect again.  I’m in no hurry and this will give Yuma and me a chance to scout out the area with a hike.

We did the Foothills Trail, a three mile loop hike around the hills that the caverns are under.  Didn’t fall into the caverns.  By the time I got done with the hike, it was 86 degrees and hot.   With all the previous walking, my Fitbit says I walked 11,866 steps at 5.62 miles.  I’m dead tired and I still have to walk the cavern.





There were 20 of us for the last tour of the Rotunda Room.  These caverns are pristine and had many formations.  I would highly recommend spending the $23 to take a tour.  Takes a little over an hour for the tour.  They would not let anyone take a camera inside so nothing but memories.

Thank goodness, I had two hours to soak and rest my feet and legs before it was time for the tour.  Just looked at my Fitbit and it says 14,833 steps at 6.70 miles.  No wonder I hurt all over.

Setting up my Dish so I can watch the Gonzaga-Florida State game.  Then some dinner, finish my blog and off to bed.  Been a tough day.

See you later.


  1. Was there right after it opened, 1998 I think. Was a nice tour,and was impressed with the 2 cavers who discovered it, then kept it secret for years. Hope you are feeling chipper in the am!

    1. Thanks Rawn. I'm glad I made the tour this year. Drove right by last year, but kept it in mind for this year.

      Beautiful cavern. Interesting history too.

  2. Nice that you got a place to stay. Maybe because it's spring break all over the caverns were more crowded than normal? Have you been to Carlsbad Caverns? We love those! Travel safe, hope you got a good night's sleep!

    1. I hope spring break is over. I did go to Carlsbad Caverns on my first trip west in 2007. May have to go again. Forgotten most of it.

      My legs are feeling it today!

  3. We did an overnighter in that same State Park one time too and did the Rotunda Cavern as well. We've also been to Carlsbad Cavern in New Mexico and what we especially liked about Carlsbad was the freedom to explore the much bigger Caverns on our own time after a guided tour. And cameras are permitted. We spent hours walking and hiking underground at Carlsbad. If you have time you could hit Carlsbad on your way home.

    1. Did go to Carlsbad Caverns in 2007 on my first trip west. Can't remember much. May be time for a refresher.

  4. You sure did a lot of walking - and Yuma's tongue was hanging out ! Kartchner Caverns sounds like fun - glad you found your Wilson TV booster. 😁

    1. Thanks Moonfly. Amazing it right next to me all that time!

      We got pretty tired and hot. Did have water thank goodness. About did me in.

      The Caverns were well worth the tour. I've always been interested in caves.

  5. Yuma probably tucked your Verizon booster in there for safe keeping! :) Always looking out for you.
    The caverns sound fun but I don't understand the 'no' pictures thing. We have yet to see Carlsbad Caverns but it is on our list for sure for next year. You sure put on a lot of steps!! That's great! Hope your body bounces back tomorrow. :)

    1. I agree Patsy. Yuma did it! I agree about pictures. Don't know why but sure there is a reason. Unfortunately my body hasn't bounced back. My legs just aren't as strong as last year. I've seen the Carlsbad caverns but it has been years. May have to do a refresher.

  6. I'll bet you put the booster on the back of the dinnette seat and when you started driving it fell down into the pocket. Glad you found it!!!

    Glad you enjoyed the caverns, now those Riley could do, much shorter and probably less footing issues. Thanks for the information.

    That's a lot of walking, hope you two fellows rest a bit before doing too much more.


    1. That might be it, but I think I put it there and forgot. The caverns are wheel chair accessible and Riley could do it easily. I think she would like it. Just don't walk the trail.

  7. Wow, that's was tough day. Hope you get a day off soon.
    We definitely have to get to Kartchner Caverns. Seems everyone that goes is duly impressed.

  8. Bet it was much cooler in the cavern than it was walking 5 miles above ground! Enjoy your time in the park.