Thursday, March 1, 2018

Short hike and easy afternoon

Thursday, March 1, 2018 – Location:  Superstition Mountains near Apache Junction, Arizona

Last night’s rising moon near Superstition Mountain.  Tonight I’ll catch it sooner.


This morning, I woke up to a sun already high in the sky.  Must have been tired from yesterday’s long road trip.  Going to be a beautiful day with full sun and warming temperatures. 

Decided to hike the area near the RV today.  Not quite ready for an attack on Superstition Mountain.  Sure tomorrow will be perfect for that.

There’s a huge boulder sticking up out of the ground about a mile and a half from here, so that is where Deb, Riley, Yuma and I headed to check out.  Warming up nicely and the skies were bright blue.


The road to get to anywhere around here are just rough.  Not sure I would even want to drive my Jeep on these trails.  Very bumpy.


Between us and the boulder was a large flat ravine with with a number of high ATV trails leading down to it and then up the other side.  Very hard to walk down and up because of the loose gravel everywhere.


This Saguaro Cactus has been around a long time and seen a lot of changes in this area.  Look at all the arms.


Getting close.


Yuma had to show off and climb up the boulder.  I was trying to get up there, but had a tough time, so Yuma waited patiently for me.


While climbing towards the top, I could hear voices in the distance.  At first I thought it was Deb and Riley, but then I could see four horse riders riding past.  Sound carries in this dry air.


Not long before they were going over the hill and disappearing from sight.


Beautiful and rough terrain as I look around.


There’s Deb and Riley (On a long and lonesome highway…. ) wondering where Yuma and I disappeared to.


Lots of ATV and Jeep trails around the whole area.  You can tell this is BLM land.


Looking back we could see a Jeep heading up and out of the ravine we just walked through heading towards the boulder.


After our hike, Yuma and I cleaned house and did dishes.  Around three, we went over to Deb and Riley’s for lunch and then sat around enjoying the afternoon till time to wrap up and begin our blogs.  Very nice day!

Still almost missed the moon rising again.  But caught it a little earlier thanks to Deb texting me to get up from my blog writing and go out and look.  I think I caught the essence of Superstition Mountain in this photo.



See you later.


  1. The Superstitions really look rugged. That is really a cool boulder, sticking up like a thumb. Beautiful moon shot.The one with the mountains is really terrific. What's the light green on the rocks around there? It almost looks mossy. Have a good night. ❤

  2. Thanks Dolly. The moon is beautiful coming up. Just wish I could get rid of the halo. There is lichen on all the boulders around here making them look green.

  3. Thanks for the company on the hike today. I think that was long enough for our first time out here.

    Great pictures. Love the moon shot.

    How does Yuma do with all these coyotes yapping around here?

  4. Yuma went to the front driver's seat and barked at them.

    It was a good hike. Plenty long enough for me today.

    Thanks for alerting me to the Moon. I was waiting but got distracted as usual. Need to set the alarm for tomorrow night.🤓

  5. Wow! That last picture is a beautiful shot of the mountain!

  6. What a great picture of moon and Superstition Mountains! Frame that one Doug

    1. Thanks Rawn. It was great to catch the moon rising just as the sun was setting to give the mountain a red look.

  7. What fun day and great pictures as well.

  8. Your new masthead photo is amazing - the unique colors and the full moon look like a painting or something in a travel brochure. Also, riders on horses going thru the desert landscape with saguaros and blue skies are so classic. I hope you and the gang continue this happy adventure in the Superstition Mountains. 🌵🌷🐕🌻😎

    1. Thanks Moonfly. Got plans to do a hike in Gold Canyon today. Hoping to get some great photos. So glad you predicted great weather, because we've got it.

  9. Beautiful pictures and the area is so breathtaking! Love the saguaros with their arms. I agree that one picture should be framed, that is incredible!

    1. Thanks Shirley. Had a nice easy day, but ready to take on the big mountain. It looks daunting from here, but I think you can drive up close to get to trail heads and not have to hike up the slopes. Looking forward to my first hike into the mountain today.

  10. You had a great hike again without too much strain. :)
    Your Superstition mountain/moon picture is definitely a show stealer!!Nice catch!

    1. Thanks Patsy. Had my window shade open next to me waiting for it to rise and nearly missed it by getting engrossed in my blog writing. So glad Deb saw it and sent me a text. Tonight I have my alarm set. Hopefully, the sun is still hitting the mountain when it comes over the skyline again tonight.

  11. That is a gorgeous almost spooky picture of the mountain.