Saturday, January 23, 2021

Bloggerfest 2021

 This morning I woke up at the normal 8 o'clock time but laid around till 9.  The only thing on the schedule today is the Bloggerfest at 1 o'clock, so took my time with breakfast.

It's partly to mostly cloudy today and when the sun is behind the clouds it is cool.  The high today is only going to hit high 50s so I dressed warmly.

At 12:30 Yuma and I jumped in the Jeep making sure we took a chair and took off 10 miles north to La Posa South LTVA (Long term visitors area).  We were the first to arrive at the pavilion so Yuma and I walked around the area for about 10 minutes and then I saw Paula (In the Shadows), our host arrive.  She has driven all the way from Apache Junction to join us.  Thank you, Paula, for reserving the pavilion and coming to visit with us.

Without our many Canadian blogger friends and no advertising, I didn't expect many people to show.  And they didn't.  Soon, Tom and Deb (Celebrating the Dance) drove up followed by Shane and Cathy.

Paula showed us a whole trunk load of vegetables she had purchased wholesale and offered us to take what we wanted.  That was sweet.

The sun was out and it felt nice so we pulled our chairs into a circle and enjoyed conversation about all that has happened this last year.  I remember last year this time, we knew about Coronavirus but we were mostly in the dark as to what we should do about it.  Our Canadian friends were concerned with how and when they should head for home.  Even today, we kept our circle loose so as not to endanger anyone or their loved ones.
Cathy, Deb, Yuma and Tom

Shane, Cathy, Deb, Tom, Yuma, Paula and her new little 3 month old puppy, Callie

It was after 3 o'clock and Paula had a long drive ahead of her so at this time we said our goodbyes and she headed for home.   It was only a short time later we all said our goodbyes for now and went our separate ways. 

Small group this year but hoping the world is a better place next year and we can all get back together as a much bigger group.

Deb, Tom, Cathy and Shane

As the sun started going down in the west it made for beautiful colors on the mountains and clouds.  I just couldn't resist giving you more mountain pictures 😀 

Tomorrow is more football.  The Conference Championships to see who goes to the Super Bowl next month.

I had my dinner before doing my post for the evening which is what I should always do.  Not good going to bed right after eating a big dinner.  

Now it's time to relax.  See you later.     


  1. Itsvtoo bad the Blogger fest was so small. Hopefully, next year your friends from the North will be able to make it back to the States. I saw Yuma was right next to Tim. Waiting for a Graham cracker treat, no doubt. It was very generous of Paula to bring fresh vegetables for everyone. Always great to see the pictures of the beautiful mountains.

    1. Thanks Dolly. Tom and Shane both had treats for Yuma so he was happy. Had a nice time.

  2. The pictures of the mountains are fantastic! Glad to see everyone taking care of each other by social distancing.

  3. Sure hoping next year is more back to normal and more people can attend. But small groups are great for really getting to know folks.

  4. I know where you will be today!!! Be sure and leave a couple of crackers for Yuma!!

  5. Funny how Bloggerfest is one of those things. Out of sight, out of mind. I never thought of it so thanks for the post. Sad that it is such a small group but nice that you all got to spend some time together. Cool for you but the sun looks nice and so do the mountain pictures.
    Wondering, has anyone gone to the Q show in the Big Tent?

  6. Nice to catch-up with a few friends at Blogger Fest.

  7. Love the photos. Nice to see the shadows on the mountains again.

  8. Nice that the tradition continues for Bloggerfest. With the Border Closures it stopped a lot of Canadians from attending.
    Like the Cloudy Mountain Pictures.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  9. Glad you got to see at least a few of your blogger friends. I loved the pics of the cool Skull Rock from a couple days ago!

  10. I bet George Yates was there in spirit walking around with a big smile.

  11. I agree with All. Wish I had known. Glad a few carried on the tradition. Enjoy today's rain.