Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Drive to Saguaro Lake

 Got out of bed at 8:30 this morning to start my day on this cool, cloudy day with sprinkles and rain.  March has been much cooler than normal.  Usually around 80 degrees for a high instead of the 60s and 70s we've been having.

Yuma and I had our breakfast inside this morning.  It was around 11:15 when Yuma and I took our test drive and I decided to head north to Saguaro Lake.  Turned out to be a beautiful drive.  Started out with rain,

but, as I rounded the Goldfield Mountains into the Salt River Valley, the rain stopped, but still had dark clouds.
This is horse country.

Salt River.  Usually, just a little creek.
The drive was beautiful, even with the dark clouds.

The lake is very popular.  Even on this horrible on the lake day, there were boats, kayaks, fishing, biking and people just driving around taking pictures, like me.
Saguaro Lake

Today is Kay's son, Gary's 38th birthday and they are heading to dinner and then to a casino for a little gambling.  Happy birthday, Gary!

Tomorrow will be a busy day packing the Jeep for my trip back home.  The Jeep ran fine today and had no problems, so I'm guessing the right front pad was tight and adjusted itself.  No matter, it is ready for the 1566 mile trip home.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Wonderful pictures of your trip to Saguaro Lake. Gorgeous rock formations. The Salt River is really pretty. Hopefully, the jeep is ready to roll now.

  2. I sure like the looks of that Saguaro Lake area. Sometimes the best part of going away is coming home.

  3. I took the back seat out of our TJ once when more space was needed. Enjoy your packing!

  4. Very cool area! Probably a nice thing to explore some areas you've never been. Good luck packing. Look forward to seeing you soon.

  5. It's a beautiful area .... just a few too many people for me. Nice horse ranch though!!! I'm guessing we are leaving on the same day. Safe travels and take your time ... smell the roses along the way.

  6. I sure have enjoyed your pics of the SW, it's so beautiful this season! Going to hate it when you go "off the air". Safe travels home. Linda

  7. Glad you have visited so many new areas. Safe journey home.

  8. One of my Phoenix friends is part of a horse riding group. The Salt River area is one of their favorite spots for riding.