Saturday, March 25, 2023

Long drive to Santa Rosa, New Mexico

 Said my goodbyes and I was on the road at 9 o'clock.

I punched in my destination and Miss Google told me there was bad weather and road problems going the shortest route up through Payson to the high country, and directed me down and around to Globe and up to Show Low.  Dolly and I took the route many years ago and I remembered it as mountainous and beautiful.

The White Mountains are rugged and the Salt River runs through them.  With all the snow and rain it should be running hard.

Driving through the Salt River Canyon was worth the drive.

The water was rushing down towards the desert.

Interesting Apache American Flag.

As beautiful as the Grand Canyon.

Horseshoe Bend of the Salt River.

Then it was up into the high country, where it was freezing cold and there was still snow in places and on the mountains.  Gives me a feel of how it will be back home.
Leaving the Salt River Canyon in my rear view mirror for the high country.

The weather is tough with snow showers and heavy dark clouds.

Drove through several snow showers.

Into New Mexico.

The weather was terrible in New Mexico.

A huge storm with snow showers ahead.

Because of the bad experience, Tom and Deb, Celebrating the Dance, had when their Jeep was broken into at a Motel in Albuquerque, I drove an extra 100 miles to Santa Rosa, New Mexico (nearest next town).  

By the time I drove the the extra two hours, I was dead tired and could not write my post for the evening.  I drove 8 hours and with the time change, it was well after dark by the the time I reached my destination.  A number of trucks were blinking their lights at me, so I pulled over and found that my rear lights were not working.  Bummer!  Nothing I could do, but drive on.  Had a good night's sleep at a nice well lit motel in Santa Rosa.

Santa Rosa, New Mexico to Meade, Kansas
Saturday, March 25, 2023

This morning I was out of my motel, 10 o'clock MDT on an uneventful journey.  My goal is Meade, Kansas, about 5 hours away.  Another time change added in, making it 6 hours from here.

The weather is beautiful, but quite chilly, at 38 degrees and a strong prairie wind out of the northwest.
Flat prairie

Flat prairie

Flat prairie

Everything went great except, when I left I-40 for Highway 54 heading north to Kansas City, some the roads were two lane and the trucks driving by, buffeted the hood of the Jeep terribly.  Finally, one of the two rubber hinges on the hood broke and I had to stop and tie the hood down with rope.  There is a latch, but didn't want to rely on just the latch.

Made it to Meade at 5 o'clock, CDT and I'm now staying in a very nice little Mom and Pop motel.  Cost of $64, including, Yuma.  Love the price.

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  1. Beautiful pictures of your trip so far. That was an amazing place you drove though. That's a bummer about the jeep latch. Another thing to fix when you get home. You boys have a safe trip tomorrow.

  2. Beautiful drive through the AZ high country in the cold and winds. I tease Fran that her Jeep is like driving a tent down the freeway, I hope you have less wind noise with your soft-top.
    Continued Safe Travels!

  3. Wow. You are really booking. That's beautiful country you traveled thru. I've never been there. Thanks for showing me a new beautiful area of AZ. Please be careful!

  4. Off to a pretty good start on your journey home. Great pics of the Salt River rushing through the canyon!

  5. Have never been to Mead; not even sure I'd heard of it. I live in the SX corner of KS. I enjoy reading your blogs; feel bad about the White Lion.

  6. Nothing prettier than that country. I hope you continue to miss most of the bad weather. Give Yuma a pat for us.

  7. You're really moving along but the weather is not very nice to you. Your first pictures are gorgeous!
    Glad you are safe.

  8. Beautiful country! Beautiful pictures. Stay safe and warm!!!


  9. Just a side note to your M & Paw Motel. One year on my trips with no RV. stayed at a motel in Lake Alamor, Ca. It was "L" shaped and had a combination -oven and fridge. Who would'a thunk? A leftover from the 30-40's maybe? Great price and owners. Probably gone today...