Wednesday, February 1, 2023

A Crowd for Happy Hour

 Up at 8:30 because Yuma just had to go outside.  I was wrong about the wind.  It was windy all night and this morning.  We had lots of puffy clouds covering the sun.  In other words, it was cold  outside.  Like a wimp, I let Yuma out and I stayed inside.

Stayed inside till around 11:30 and then the clouds were gone and the south side of the WL was warm out of the wind.  Yuma and I laid around while I drank coffee and enjoyed just being outside.  Supposed to get to 65 today, ten degrees higher than yesterday.

I finally decided to make sure my friends were still alive, so walked over to Tom and Deb's Celebrating the Dance and they came outside for coffee time and Deb and Riley, On a long and lonesome highway...., also.  We visited until it was time for them to have lunch and I headed over to crawl under the WL and hook the hose extension to the original hose and hook it securely under the frame so it doesn't come loose.

I had just finished hooking the two hoses together and had it routed across the WL and ready to tie everything up and be done with it, when I saw a big pick-up truck coming my way.  By this time it was 3:30.

It was Ivan, Roadtrip 2023, and he was with four friends of his to see if we were having Happy Hour.  Of course, I was happy to postpone crawling under the WL, and sit down for Happy Hour.  There's always tomorrow.

Ivan, introduced me to Don and Donna, Driving Miss Donna, and Ernie and Debbie.  We now have three Debs.  Popular name around here.  Easy on my memory.  I've got three chances out of four of getting the name right.  Good odds for me.

We all sat around Tom and Deb's Stinger B and enjoyed the warm sun until nearly sunset and the cold overtook the sun's warmth.

My chair, Yuma, Tom, Ivan, Ernie, Don, Debbie, Deb, Riley, Deb, Donna

Debbie, Deb, Yuma, Riley, Deb, Donna, My chair, Tom, Ivan, Ernie, Don

My chair guy
Everyone headed home and I cooked a hamburger and Yuma's dinner and now watching Chicago PD while doing my post for the evening.  The wind is definitely gone tonight and tomorrow will be a warm sunny 79 degree day.  Perfect for finishing up the WL.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. It's about time the weather warmed up!!

  2. That definitely was quite the crowd! How fun is that! Great selfie of you! Bet Yuma loved all the people!

    1. Yuma made the rounds begging for pets. He loved all the attention.we were surprised to have such s large Happy Hour.

  3. A wonderful surprise to see Ivan and his entourage. We enjoyed the visit a great deal,