Saturday, February 27, 2016

Hike to the Cottonwood Mountains

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Last night, Dolly and I started a camp fire after dark to eat marshmellows and s’mores for Dolly.  It was a beautiful warm evening with little wind.

Camp fireThis morning after breakfast, Yuma and I decided to hike the two miles north of our camp to the foothills of the Cottonwood Mountains.


Yuma needed the exercise and I needed the torture. The morning was hot and there was little wind to help with the hike.

We walked over the berm north just across the road from where we are parked.  I believe the berm covers a pipe moving water to the populated areas west of here.  It is known as the Colorado River Aqueduct.  It originates at the Parker Dam, just north of Parker, Arizona along the Colorado River.

Beaver Tail cactus

The only photos are of the mountains and vegetation.  No animals except for lizards.  That poor Yuma is a sucker for lizards.  He chases them from mesquite bush to mesquite bush, but never catches them.

Barrel cactus and Beaver Tail cactus

Walked through a beautiful Ocotillo cactus patch.  One was blooming with red flowers.

Ocotillo cactus

Blooming Ocotillo cactus  Blooming Ocotillo cactus

  Ocotillo cactus

I kept calling for Yuma and couldn’t see him till I walked past the Octillo cactus above and guess what.

Yuma resting under Ocotillo cactus

When Yuma gets hot and tired he heads for the nearest shady spot and plops down waiting for me to give him some water.

Finally reached the base of the mountains.

Base of the mountains

Found a little garden of yellow flowers at the base of the mountains.

Yellow flowers

Later on in the afternoon, Dolly, me and the dogs all went out to find treasure with the metal detector.  Unfortunately, all we found were nails.  I forgot to get a photo of our adventure.  Maybe, next time.

See you later.


  1. That is a cute photo of Yuma under the Ocotillo cactus - his natural instincts for desert survival are amazing - Love the wildflowers too - Stay safe and enjoy

    1. Thanks, Moonfly. I thought of you when I saw the wild flowers.

  2. I love that cactus with the red flowers, so pretty!!! That Yuma is a smart one!