Thursday, February 25, 2016

Hiking a Wash

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Yuma and I decided to take a walk into a canyon on the south side of the mountains just outside Joshua Tree N.P. 

Dogs are not allowed on trails in the park, so by taking this wash, we would not run into anyone.   I am sure it goes into the park, but it is not a designated park trail.

Hiking trail

I was hoping to see some old mines and some wildlife, but unfortunately the hike was a bust.  We walked for about 3 miles into the canyon on a very sandy surface with lots of Cholla cactus all about.

Cholla cactus

Yuma managed to step on a few cholla balls laying on the ground and I managed to get very tired feet from walking in the soft sand.

The water running trhough the wash left some interesting tree formations.

Tree formation in the wash

Tree in the wash

At the end of three miles, I knew I could go no further and the wash continued to wind through the mountains slowly heading for the Cottonwood Spring we visited yesterday. 

Yuma loves running in the sand of the canyon.  This is where I stopped.  As you can see the wash goes on and on from here, deeper into the mountains.

Yuma enjoying the wash

When Yuma and I got back to camp, I soaked my tired feet and Yuma slept on the couch.  He was tired.  I am sure he runs twice as far as I walk.

See you later.

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