Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Lazy Day at Borrego Springs

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

This morning, a motorhome left and we quickly moved into their camp.  Our new camp is only about 100 feet from our previous one, but it borders the state park.  Now when I look out our door to the east, there is no one out there, because it is foot traffic only, so no camp sites.

Here is our new camp with Coyote Mountain in the background.

Our camp with Coyote Mountain in background

It warmed up quickly and for some reason, I could not get out and do anything exciting.  It rose to 87 degrees today with a slight breeze.  All I did after our move was to take a few walks and lay in the lounge chair all day.

I must say the view of the Santa Rosa Mountains are beautiful to look at.

Santa Roas Mountains

 Hopefully, tomorrow will be more exciting.

See you later.


  1. Doug, it is perfectly OK to spend your days relaxing and lounging and enjoying your beautiful scenery! You are retired after all! :) I'm glad you got to move camp to a more private area. Enjoy!

    1. Thanks, Sarah. I feel guilty sitting around when there is so much to see. But, you are right. Doing nothing should be okay too.

      Hope you don't freeze over V Day weekend.