Saturday, January 13, 2018

Moved to Ajo for the night

Saturday, January 13, 2018 – Location:  Ajo, AZ

Before I forget it, my son Steve looked up what kind of bird that was in yesterday’s post.  It is a female Pyrrhuloxia or better known as desert cardinal.

In the middle of last night, I made the decision to pull up stakes in the morning.  So, around 8 A.M. I started packing and by 10 I was on the road into Ajo.

IMG_8076My plan was to wash the MH and then stay for the night  at the Shadow Ridge RV Resort near by.

The Ajo car wash had a 12 foot high roof and my MH is 11.4 feet, so it was a perfect fit.

Got the MH washed for $3.75.  Can’t beat that deal.  The night’s stay was up from $20 last year to $24, but I didn’t quibble over four bucks.  The big batteries were in need of some strong electric power, I needed to dump tanks and take on water, so all in all it was a fair deal.


By noon, I was parked and ready to relax.  Got a place right on the end of the row with the bathrooms and showers right behind me.


After resting a bit, Yuma and I drove back down to the open mine pit hoping the overlook was open, but again it was not.  Maybe in the morning before I leave.  I even tried to walk/crawl up Ajo Mountain, but ran out of steam.  Still couldn’t get a decent shot.  But you can tell it is a big hole.



When we got back to the RV Resort, I hooked up my 100 mile radius local channel antenna to see if I could get NBC.  Didn’t get nada again.  But, I was lucky.  They have a very nice clubhouse with Dish TV and there was no one in there.  Turned on the TV at 3:15 and there was the game on a 55 inch TV screen.

In my family pool, I have the Eagles and my grandson, Nick has the Falcons.  It was a low scoring game and the Eagles squeaked one out for a win.  Went down to the last 54 seconds before the game was decided.

Tomorrow is another travel day.  Will be heading west for about 135 miles to Yuma, Arizona for another ten days or so.

Artist Alley:


IMG_7791  IMG_7797

Notice how the mural blends the roof of the building on the left into the picture.


Notice the riders in the clouds?

DSC00738Oops!  How did this one get in there?


That’s the end of Artist Alley.  Hope you enjoyed.

See you later.


  1. Glad you got the salt and dirt off the MH. That's a beautiful organ pipe cactus in the mine photo. I'm sure going to miss the Artists' Alley. I love the with the coyote. I've always liked the one with the man playing a sax, too! Have a safe traveling day, tomorrow!

    1. Thanks Dolly. It was great to get it clean.

      About killed myself on those loose rocks climbing that mountainside. At least it was pretty.

      Not a long one today. Looking for to seeing Yuma again.

  2. Yuma doesn't look that impressed with the goings on from his seat in the jeep. ☺

    1. What! He just wants to get out and chase rabbits.

  3. The photos of the Artist Alley where all so bright and colorful...thank you for sharing.
    Cute picture of Yuma and I agree with Dolly he doesn't look to impressed with what sees out the window.
    Safe travels tomorrow.

    1. Thanks Deb. Not a long one today. Slowly making my way to Quartzsite for the Bloggerfest.

  4. Always nice to have a clean home. Yuma doesn't like being left behind. Safe travels tomorrow.

    1. Thank you. Short trip today which is always nice.

      I was so glad to get the dust and grime off the MH and to find a place in Ajo to do it was great. No crowds.

  5. Mike (Wanderwolf) was one of two people who did that large mural on the front wall of the 'Ajo Copper News' and he told us years ago that the first number of musical notes in the sky are the opening bars to the song 'Ghost Riders In The Sky'.

    1. Thanks for the info, Al. I knew his blog handle had a wolf in it. Just didn't have it quite right.

      From now on when I want to remember something I'll just search your blog for it.:)

  6. Beautiful pics once again! Shadow Ridge looks like a beautiful place to spend the night and take care of business. Yuma is just too cute!

    1. Thanks. I did enjoy my evening there. Nice people. Watched the football games with a group in the clubhouse. Not used to being around that many people.

  7. Especially like lady & wolf with flowers mural. Yuma is a favorite place of mine - more hours of Sunshine than anywhere else in USA. Watch out for Tioga George today - he is on the move and headed for Mexico.

  8. Glad you had favorites, Moonfly. Yuma is warm this year, so there will be plenty of sunshine.

    Just got to my secret place for the night. No one here. That's good.