Monday, January 1, 2018

Columbus, New Mexico to Douglas, Arizona

January 1, 2018 – New Year’s Day

Happy New Year everyone!

I was sound asleep when all of a sudden I heard automatic gun fire and single pistol shots all around Columbus.  It was midnight and the party goers were at it.  Yuma immediately got scared and jumped to the floor and went into the bathroom.  For some reason he feels safer than under the covers with me.  This went off and on till about 4:30 and then all became silent.

I slept pretty good knowing a bullet didn’t fall on me.  We got up around 7:30 and ate breakfast.  The campground owner stopped by briefly last night to ask how long I was staying.  July, the ladies name, was in a hurry because she was singing at the club in town.  She was all decked out in western gear.  Even a blinking shirt for the occasion. 

My spot for the night.


She said she would be by around 10.  Well, 10:30 and no July!  She must have had a great time.   I walked over to Bill and Judy’s RV across from the office and they said they would take the $9 and give it to July. 

Yuma looking for July.


One of my neighbors.  I think it was empty.


So, around 10:45, we left the little town of Columbus behind and headed west on Rte 9 with a goal of making it to Douglas, Arizona about 110 miles down the road.  All I have to say is that this is a beautiful two-lane road that rolls past some of the most beautiful scenery.  Won’t say much.


I bet this old Cottonwood has seen a lot about the history of this area.



About forty miles down, we stopped at the little ghost town of Hachita, New Mexico.   There were a few people living there, but not many.  Here are some photos:

Thought they were building a McDonalds way out in the sticks on this lonesome road, but then saw that it was the name of a ranch.  Pretty clever.


There are his and her commodes at this rest area.  Quite modern.


This is a beautiful church but as you can see, it has seen better days.  The stone work is fantastic.




I couldn’t believe they had a gas station and it was open on New Year’s Day!  Of all the luck and the gas was reasonable too!


After leaving Hachita, it was nothing but rolling hills, valleys and mountains all the way to Rte 80.  It is so nice to travel along at around 50 mph without worrying about traffic.  I could stop in the middle of the road to take photos.



I stopped in the middle of Rte 9 and took a photo of the Continental Divide sign and I could hear a racket.  I looked up and way up in the sky all these cranes or geese were flying in circles and honking.



I made a left onto rte 80 at Animas and it wasn’t long before I hit the Arizona border and another 50 miles down the road I  was in Douglas for the night. 



We stopped at the Geronimo Monument and had lunch.  There’s Yuma reading the plaque.




Pulled into Douglas around 5:30 P.M. and found an RV campground at the Douglas Golf Course. 

I’m so glad Miss Navigator directed me this way.  Otherwise, I would have been on the bland I-10 interstate and would have missed all of this.

See you later.


  1. What terrific pictures! I couldn't get over that aqua colored pavement. So unusual looking. Hachita was an interesting place. Loved the beautiful stone church. I'm glad you took the "wrong turn" and saw Geronimo's monument and the other fascinating places, you would have missed. It's good to see Yuma has recovered from his traumatic night!

    1. Surprised you noticed. I thought that green pavement was odd for the middle of nowhere.

  2. Hey Doug you must have driven right by us. We are in the Mountain Valley RV Park in Rodeo and the highway runs right past the Park. We were over wandering around in Portal Arizona for a big part of the day. Being in Douglas now you are close to Tombstone, Bisbee and Sierra Vista but you might have seen those places when you were at Las Cienagas last March I think it was.

    1. I wondered where you ended up. It's been a number of years since Dolly and I were in Bisbee and ​Tombstone. I'm ​going to spend some time in both towns over the next few days. Let me know if you're going to visit and we can meet up for a cup of coffee.

  3. What an interesting route, with both you and Al having shown it off it's on my list of future places. Glad Yuma has recovered. Safe travels.

    1. Thank you. Al knows this area we'll have managed a ranch for a number of years. Hopefully we will see you at Bloggerfest.

  4. You seem to be following The Bayfield Bunch. Was that intentional? Thanks for the photos.

    1. Just by accident. Thought I was taking a shortcut to Deming. Ended up in Columbus.

  5. Yuma is getting a rather rough reawakening to the Southwest. Looks like you guys are now "leaders of the pack" since Al and gang have holed up in Rodeo, New Mexico. Wind chill here is 22 below zero. Enjoying your sunshine and adventures with Yuma. Westward Ho !!

    1. That is cold Moonfly! I went right by them and didn't know it. There will be more crossings and we'll meet somewhere.

  6. Looks like Miss Navigator had a nice side trip off of I-10 planned for you. After reading your description, seeing your pictures, and Al and Kelly's if we decide to leave Arizona on a southerly route it looks like the perfect way to go. Love the windmills and would really like to see the church's stonework up close.

    1. Thank you. It was a surprising diversion and well worth it. Now I get to visit Bisbee and Tombstone again.