Thursday, October 27, 2022

Day 1 - Tough Start

 Dolly and I were up and moving around about 7:15.  We packed the rest of my stuff and I had a little breakfast and took Yuma for a walk.  I was ready to head out around 8:30.  Said my goodbyes and a picture and I was gone.

I got about 3 miles down the road and Dolly called to let me know I forgot my coffee mug.  No big deal.  Went back and picked it up and off again.

Then about 30 miles down the road I had a bad feeling I left my bathroom stuff and all my medicines.  Stopped and called Dolly and sure enough, I did.  This time I lost over an hour,  but I kept my cool and moved on.  Wonder if the gods are telling me something.

With only a couple of breaks to get gas, we moved through the day and into the evening.  Stopped for dinner near Lawrence, Kansas on the I-70 Turnpike around 6 o'clock and moved on to Emporia, Kansas and we're now in for the night at I-335 South rest area.  It's 9 o'clock now and time for some shut eye.

See you later.


  1. Well at least you weren’t too far from home. Glad the wheels are now rolling in the right direction, hopefully things roll along good for the rest of the journey. Stay safe, travel safe.


  2. At last your re-re-start is a good start. Making good time, stay safe

  3. Have a safe trip tomorrow.

  4. If that's all the hiccups you have, all is well. Safe travels and take care.

  5. Little burps, east!
    Hope you slept well, safe travels today.

  6. I out-think myself every time, so I made up a travel list. Every time I hit the road, I get it out and check off everything to be sure I didn't leave anything home. SO much easier that way. Does Yuma like his burgers with cheese?

  7. Just remind yourself there is nothing you need that Walmart won't have when you get there.

  8. I usually get 2.5 to 5 miles from home when I remember I forgot something worth turning back and starting all over again. You are not alone..
    Glad you made it and I hope everything works swell..