Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Happy Valentine's Day!💖💖💖

 Felt odd when I looked out my bedroom window this morning and the sun wasn't there.  My new position is facing a little to the northeast and the sun is more behind the WL.  Plus, this morning, there was a fair amount of cloud cover and the wind was already picking up.  Over a 40% chance of rain this afternoon.

The wind is out of the southwest, but there is a chill, so Yuma and I didn't go far from home.   I saw that Ken and Shirley were packing to head north since it wasn't going to be an outside day.  They said their goodbyes around noon and off they headed taking the wind block (truck and trailer) with them.

Everyone did their own thing till around 3:30, when we all went into Deb and Tom's Stinger "B" for Happy Hour.  Stayed nice and warm until 6:30 enjoying whatever conversation that came along and just as we stepped out to head home, it started sprinkling and then a steady rain.  Calling for rain till 10 o'clock and the wind is still very strong.  At least, the rain will knock the sand out of the air.😛

During our HH, Dolly sent me this lovely Valentine's picture.

Dolly and sweet Fergie!

That is pretty much my Valentine's Day!  Hope yours was special.  Thanks for stopping by.


  1. It doesn't sound like it was a very nice day there. It was about the same here, but not as warm.
    Happy Valentine's Day!

    1. I tried laying in the sun but the wind was just too strong. Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. Happy Valentines Day to you and Dolly.
    I too, like Dolly’s T-shirt.


  3. I like her shirt too! I am sad that we had to leave too, but hoping to see you again down the road somewhere! :)

    1. Thank you, Shirley. Wishing you and Ken a safe journey home.