Thursday, February 16, 2023

Still waiting for Arizona weather

 The sun was nice and bright this morning, but it was 33 degrees outside.  I think we are all getting tired of the cool weather and ready for some warm weather.  The forecast calls for it to start tomorrow.

Yuma and I did lay outside away from the wind for part of the morning, but the chill was still in the air from the swirling wind.  

Around 1:30, Yuma was ready for  Jeep ride, so we jumped in the Jeep and headed for Quartzsite.  But, we didn't take hwy 95, but the Old Yuma Road.

It is not a well used road and not regularly maintained, but it was fine for my Jeep.  This is the first time I've driven the Jeep since I pulled it in behind the WL.  Remember, it had rained a small amount on our short journey.
Now, that is a dirty windshield.
The Dome Rock Mountains are calling me, but that's for another day.  I've been to Quartzsite many times, but I've never climbed the popular Q Mountain.  Maybe, this is the year.
Dome Rock Mountains
The road finally ended in Quartzite, so Yuma and I stopped and walked around a little, but didn't really have a plan.  After walking around, we took hwy 95 back to camp.  It wasn't long before we met with Tom and Deb for just a short HH before calling it a night.  Just not as much fun when it is chilly.
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  1. Lovely sunset. No, life isn't as easy when it's cold and windy. I'm sure Yuma isn't liking it. At least warmer weather is on the way there.

    1. Thanks Dolly. Yuma lays in his bed with a blanket over him when we are outside.

  2. It's not as much fun being locked up inside, but it's better than the alternative!! It's just been too cold and windy!!

  3. I’m sure that was a nice ride. I am certainly ready for warmer weather to arrive and STAY. This has been a strange year for weather, since the new year arrived the weather has been more crappy than not. November and December were great though. I wonder if this weather hooked on to the bumper of the Little Black Limo when they came back from Michigan? Lol


    1. Has been awhile since shorts weather, but it's coming fast.

  4. I always wondered about Old Yuma Road. Thanks for the information. Hang tight one more day!