Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Day of rest in preparation

Tuesday, February 27, 2018 – Location:  Superstition Mountains near Apache Junction, Arizona

I decided to take a day to rest up in preparation for my attack on the Superstition Mountains.  I did a little reading this morning while laying in my lounge chair soaking up this beautiful weather.  They are calling for winds and rain later today and this evening. 

I found that the first place I need to go is to the Lost Dutchman State Park.  Many of the trailheads originate from there and they also have information on what to do in the Superstition Mountains.  These mountains are massive and I don’t want to waste energy hiking in areas that are not interesting and relative. 

Around noon, Yuma and I jumped in the Jeep and drove the five miles into Apache Junction and bought gas for the Jeep and eight gallons of drinking water.  I am now all set for anything.

Got back to the RV and Deb and Riley had a wonderful lunch prepared and invited me over.  I’m getting spoiled! 

IMG_1788As we ate, a trolley car of tourists drove up through our campsite.  I just wonder what the driver is telling the tourists about us.  I believe he is showing them all the many cactus that grow in this area.


Earlier, this morning I walked a short distance and couldn’t believe all the different kinds there are just in our campsite.


I walked up that brown dirt berm you see in the above picture to see what was there.  To my surprise, there is a large open pit mine.  Maybe digging for gold.  Not sure.  Lot of No Trespassing signs stuck in the berm, so didn’t go any further.


Saw this bird on a tree limb as I was walking.  Wonder what it is.  I thought I saw red coloring, but don’t see it in the photo.  The guy on the cactus is a Cactus Wren, so I got one out of two identified.


A little later a beautiful horse came by.  The horse was making loud whiny sounds as he trotted up the road.  Looked so proud, I think he wanted everyone to know he was coming through and to move aside.  Never heard a horse make so much noise.


As we broke up after lunch the winds picked up and so did the dust.  The temperature dropped quickly from 69 to around 60 degrees.

Before the winds got too bad, I put up my local TV antenna in hopes to get CBS for tomorrow night’s “Survivor”.  Did the channel scan and came back with 54 channels.  Yeah!  I thought.  Clicked through the channels and got Fox, NBC and ABC and 51 other channels; but no CBS!!!  Couldn’t believe it!

Decided to run the antenna another two feet higher and try again.  This time I got 118 channels.  I was hopeful!.  Sure enough, CBS came in loud and clear.  I am now ready for “Survivor”, if the antenna doesn’t blow down.

I even watched the news this evening and the weather announcers are so excited about the rain tonight and the snow they will get near Flagstaff.  Been a very warm and dry winter and Arizonians are worried about drought this coming summer because of no snow run-off.

Had a pleasant day of rest.  My body is ready to take on a day of hiking tomorrow, weather permitting.  My back-up plan is to drive the Apache Trail if everything is wet and muddy on the trails.  Either way, it will be a good day.

The sun was hazy with dust as it went behind a large cloud bank coming out of the southwest and soon we had dark foreboding clouds.   As I finish this blog I can hear the pitter patter of rain.


See you later.


  1. Sounds like a peaceful day! Look forward to reading about your big hike tomorrow! Take care Dad. Love you.

  2. Great pictures of the night sky! So many beautiful cacti where you are. I would love them - Yuma not so much. ☺ That dark bird looks almost like a Cardinal. Very pretty. No worries...your're all ready for Survivor tomorrow. Don't blow away! Have a good night! ❤

    1. Thanks Dolly. I think it is a cardinal of some type. Ready for a hike today and Survivor Tonight.

  3. Suspect the open pit mine is copper, AZ does have a lot of it. Enjoy the pitter-patter of the rain - I'm sure they can use it!

    1. I'll have to find out the name of the mine and verify. Copper sounds more likely than gold.

      Just went outside and the ground has already soaked up the rain we had.

  4. Rain on our roof too, winds seem to have died down. Hopefully a nice day tomorrow with not too much mud kicking up.

    I've never heard such a vocal horse either. He sure was a prancer though.

    I wonder if the Tour Guide is telling them we're off spring of that other fella that lived here for a while...Hahaha...

    Glad you managed to find the channel for your show tomorrow night.

    1. Thanks Deb. Just stepped outside and ground is drying off fast. Don't think we'll have any problem.

      Sure wonder where the tour guide takes tourists around here. We may have to follow him😂.

  5. I've got Apache Junction on my WeatherBug and entire 10 day forecast looks awesome - after partial sun today, it goes to not a cloud in the sky ! Perfect temps too. So glad you and the gang have made a little home in such a beautiful location. I wish you safe hikes and Jeep travels & sounds like Riley will make sure you don't get too skinny. Enjoy Survivor tonight - it is my favorite show. 😳

    1. Thanks Moonfly. So glad the weather is warming. Especially the nights. Survivor was a good one right off the bat.

      Going to take it slowly this time and not over hike the first few days and wear myself out. Lots to do and see here.

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks Corky. That's a male from my Google search. Beautiful sounds. This one perches at the same place every morning. Very pretty bird.

  7. Great post Doug! Glad you're enjoying and gotta say lunch looks awesome! What kind of antenna do you have that you can raise like that..ours is just on top of the trailer..Love the little jeep tours going right by your property! Sunset pics are great!

    1. Thanks Shirley. Nice area we are in but a rough road to get here. Dreading going back out.

      I just bought plastic poles and stick whatever number I need together to get height. A telescopic pole would be better if I run across one.