Sunday, February 4, 2018

Drive down to the Clark Dry Lake and Eagles Fly!

Sunday, February 4, 2018 – Location:  Rockhouse Trail near Borrego Springs, CA

This morning, I had a little technical scare.  I sent a text to my wife telling her I was up and moving.  That way she doesn’t worry I died in my sleep.  About an hour later while cleaning up after breakfast, I glanced down and saw the text had not been sent.  Then I noticed my phone said no cell service!

First I cussed out the cell tower watchman in Borrego Springs because they shut down service on Sundays or overslept.  Then I decided to drive into town to see if my cell service would return.  I got half way into town when it dawned on me that it may be my phone.  I rebooted the phone and sure enough I had cell service.  My fault!  Not the Verizon tower watchman in Borrego Springs.

Since we were already in the Jeep, Yuma and I decided to take a drive down to the dry lake for some photos and take a look around.  It was already getting hot.  Rockhouse Trail is a rough road.  And it only gets rougher the further you drive.  

Coyote Mountain is to my west as I go north on the Trail.

Not too sore from climbing yesterday.  Think I'm getting into a little better shape.

It isn't long before we get to the dry lake bed.  They only allow vehicles on the very west side and you must follow the road and not go out and damage the lake bottom.

This is what the lake looks like close up.  Kinda like you think it would.  Dried up and cracked mud.
Couldn’t go far down the Trail.  Today is Superbowl day and I need to be prepared for it.  This Trail goes for miles into Coyote Canyon and then peters out.  I have driven back there before and not interested in doing that rough road again.

Those Santa Rosa Mountains on the north side of the lake are beautiful.  Never get tired of looking at them.
Passed the dry lake now and heading into Coyote Canyon.   The north end of Coyote Mountain ends right here.   I had heard there was a trail leading up to the top of the highest peak at this end of the mountain.  Maybe that is it going around that hill of gravel rock.  Might have to come back and check it out.  Looks like a lot of loose rock, that's for sure.
Drove just a little further because it is always hard for me to stop and go back.  But all I see is more sandy road going way back into the canyon.
Looking back towards the dry lake.  There's the north end of Coyote Mountain on the right and the Santa Rosa Mountains on the left.
To the north of me, the Santa Rosa Mountains continue along unrelenting with that steel grey color.
Soon I turn back and head home for the Superbowl game.

As my family knows and many who follow my blog know, I have the Philadelphia Eagles to win the Superbowl against my son-in-law Evan who has the many time champions, New England Patriots.  The Eagles are certainly the underdog to win today

I had planned to go to the American Legion to watch the game, but Dolly decided to go to our son, Jim's house to watch the game.  So, I called Dish and had them switch local channels from Peoria, Illinois to San Diego, California, so I could watch the game on NBC.

Glad I did stay home with Yuma.  It was so hot in the MH I had to turn on the generator and run the AC to keep us comfortable.  And here we are looking comfortable watching the game.
It was an amazing game from start to finish!  Either team could have won going down to the last play of the game.  Both teams played their hearts out and either team could have won.  But, the Eagles came out the Superbowl Champions!
Eagles Win!
Superbowl Champions!
My team won and I'm tired from all the work I did to make it happen.  It's late and time for bed.

See you later.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS to you and the Philadelphia Eagles on their Super Bowl win! The mountains around you really are pretty. You should enjoy the warm weather, even though it is 80° higher than here. 😀 Have a good night. ❤

    1. Thanks Dolly. Amazing​the difference in temperatures from here to there.

      Pleasantly surprised to see the Eagles win. It was an amazing game.

  2. Congratulations to you Doug...oh and Philadelphia! Don't spend all your winnings at a casino!

    1. Thanks Rawn. That was one heck of a game. A real nail biter!

      Unfortunately my wife has the money. Just hope there's some left when I get home.😂

  3. Congratulations Doug on your win.
    We have the same issue sometimes with our i-phone, just restart once in a while and all is fine again.
    The Clark dry lake bed is a site to see , I was able to drive my car down there a couple of years ago

    1. Thanks George. It is worth driving down to at least once. Not a bad road till you pass the dry lake.

      Sometimes I don't think straight. Usually I know to reboot, but for some reason it slipped my mind.🤓

  4. You had us laughing this am reading your post. Those cell phones, you just never know. How did we live without them years ago? Beautiful area around you for sure. I'm sure Yuma enjoyed watching the game with you at home, since he has his own couch to hang out on. :)

    1. You're right about cell phones. Can't live without one nowadays. Just forget sometimes to reboot since we have such bad reception and get disconnected sometimes.

      Yuma was glad to sleep in the AC yesterday. It was quite warm without much of a breeze. Especially inside. I liked it too 🤗😎

  5. I'm sure a lot of the country was hoping the Eagles would win - who doesn't love a good underdog story. I sure was happy ! - my family too. Super Bowl parties can be fun if the game is boring - you can just focus on the food and the Fun. 😱 But, when it is such a great game - and especially when your team is winning - it's nice to have no distractions. I never heard of Nick Foles till yesterday but sure like his story and how he played the game. I think that trick play with him slipping into the end zone and catching a touchdown pass will go down in history. Congratulations Eagles !!! much of the country is a little bit happier this morning. 🎂🎉🌞

    1. Thanks for rooting the Eagles on Moonfly. Patriots are great but they have won their share. It was the Eagles turn this year. They were certainly.

      When I wrote Evan I said I never heard of Dick Boyles. He was certainly confused. I thought I heard Nick Foles as Dick Boyles. Shows I never heard of him either. People know that name now!

      Great game for both teams.

  6. Congrats on your team winning. We have driven back to the edge of the dry lake bed and do agree it is a rough road. Never tire of looking at the Coyote and Santa Rosa Mtns. The colors of the Santa Rosa Mtns are amazing.

    1. Thanks Bill. Great game.

      It has been quite warm here, but the views are gorgeous. I like the ruggedness of the Borrego Springs area.

  7. We aren't sports fans at all so won't comment on that other than I'm glad your team won.
    The dry lake bed is neat, we drove as far as that but not onto it. Those Santa Rosa mountains are gorgeous.
    Stay cool Doug!

    1. Thanks Patsy. Warmest it's been here in the five years I've been coming here. Can't​ complain. This is what I came for.

      Hope you and Bill make it over this winter again.