Thursday, December 15, 2022

Visit to Los Algodones, Mexico

When we dropped Rick off at the dentist office, the ladies wanted to get a pedicure and wanted to know if I was interested.  Since I didn't know the difference between a pedicure and a manicure, I politely declined and said I would walk the street to see what I could see.  We had to be careful not to lose one another, so I stayed fairly close by.

Lots of color, power lines, cars, trucks and pedestrians in the narrow streets.  The sidewalks are so full of vendors, it is easier to walk along the streets and ignore the calls for you to come see their wares.  I don't know how they knew I was a tourist.  Probably the camera.

It is still early.  It will pick up after 10 when it is allowed to buy alcohol.  For the most part, other than the vendors, everyone ignored me and went about their business.  Basically, like walking the street of New York or New Orleans.  Lots going on, but I'm not a part of it.  Just an onlooker.

We must remind ourselves that this town is nothing like the real Mexican towns away from the entry ports.

I'm at the entry way of the pedicure shop.  There are many shops in here and their are many other alcoves with shops throughout the area.  You can easily get temporarily lost.  The water fountains were soothing and pretty to see.  There is a coffee shop to the left and I must say they make good coffee in Mexico.  It was still fairly cool in the shade so, I bought a coffee and sat at a table in the sun and just enjoyed the ambiance till the ladies came out with their dainty feet telling me how refreshing it was.  Quit for the day and pick-up tomorrow.

This morning, I again stayed under the warm covers doing my brain stimulators till 9 o'clock when Yuma couldn't take it anymore.  Again, it was warmer outside than in the WL.  All I did today was visit with Deb for awhile, rested for awhile and had an all morning and afternoon breakfast.  Just how I like my days to go.

Oh, I must tell you I did watch the two hour Survivor finale last night.  This season, we had very good contestants and I couldn't pick a favorite.  However, if I had one he would have been it.  Don't want to say in case someone taped it and hasn't had time to see it.  But, I will say this person donated their Million dollar winnings to the US Veterans.  You can't be a better person than that.

This afternoon, I worked diligently on the Big Buddy for several hours till I thought I had everything in the right position.  Hooked it up to a propane bottle and TA DA!  It worked!.  

I can get the gas to go through the pilot light, start the heating panels and stay on.  Both sides work, and it puts out tons of heat quickly.  Only problem is I haven't figured out how to get the lighter to work, so for now it's the old fashioned way, with a match.

Watching Thursday Night Football, doing my post and fixing dinner at the same time.  This retirement stuff is tough.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. There are a lot of colorful shops in Los Algodones. Did you get a Sombrero? As much as you like hats... If that fountain was in the mani/pedi place, I can see why the ladies thought it was so relaxing. I'm sure Yuma was happy, when you got back from your excursion. It's good to have a relaxing day. Hope the weather is nicer now.

  2. You missed a great opportunity to try a pedicure, and I bet it was a bargain. As you get older, it is tougher to bend over while bending the legs and snipping a nail without a piece of your toe. Better go back soon.

  3. We have to go back to get your glasses, you can try then, maybe a manicure. Glad BB is working, it was quite the puzzle.


  4. What? No new Cowboy Hat? It's fun to run the gauntlet of sales men and women. You would be surprised ... in other towns they have the same market places to visit. By the way, never pay full price ... bargaining is the name of the game.

  5. The visit is fun, the medical facilities are mostly top notch, but those pesky vendors are a bit of a pain. How was the return border crossing?

  6. Algodones can be a bit overwhelming and is nothing like deep into the country. Glad you got the heater going.