Monday, December 5, 2022

Where do I go from here?

This morning when I peeked out my window, it looked different.


It was so thick, this little guy was on the ground right outside my window waiting for skies to clear for safe flying.

Everything was wet from the very thick fog.  I did my games and it was so warm, I got up and got my coffee going while waiting for the fog to lift.

I have been having problems with my Stroopwafel falling into my coffee several times when I tried to do two things at once.  It ruins them because they disintegrate.  Today, I decided to fix that problem.

I'm going to sell these things and become a millionaire!  Now, I can heat both sides with the coffee steam with no worries that it will fall into my coffee!

The weather forecast called for the fog to lift by 9 o'clock, but it was 10:30 before the sun came out in earnest.
Getting there!

After a leisurely breakfast I decided to start packing to go and take on water and then find a camp off Ogilby Road.  Wasn't in a hurry since the whole move wouldn't be over 20 miles.

Got everything put away and decided to start the White Lion and let it warm while I hooked up the Jeep.  Turned the key, and nothing.  No starter engaging at all.  Went out and tested the starting batteries and they were dead as a doornail!

Started the generator and let them charge for over an hour while I enjoyed the warm sun.  If you have to have problems, this isn't a bad place.

To make a long day short, the engine would turn over but would never start.  Did this all afternoon until around 4:30 when I decided to call it a day and just relax.

I'm watching Monday Night Football, and as soon as I'm done with this post I'm having dinner.  Tomorrow is another day.  It will be interesting to see what happens.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Well, drat. That engine should have idea to started right up. I guess you should have gone with the recommendation of starting it every 2-3days. Hopefully, it will fire up tomorrow.
    That was a really foggy morning you had. You'd think you were in New England, London or somewhere. Great (or grate?) idea to keep your stroopwafel in one piece. Good luck starting up tomorrow.

  2. Reading about a problem with my 2004 Honda Element (ha, a far cry from your vehicle), I came across the term "parasitic drainage," which stucke me funny. Apparently vehicles and batteries and starteres as well are complicated. I don't have a clue. But I wish you the best with getting the Lion going!

  3. Hopefully the WL realizes it’s time to wake up and purr!
    The fog was thick here to, couldn’t see anything.


  4. WTH! Tomorrow is another day ... and the Lion may roar then. But dead starting batteries? Hmmm ...

  5. Oh dang!! That's not good! Got my fingers crossed. Good luck!🤞

  6. Well rats. My starting batteries were isolated to keep that from happening. Maybe you can find out what's draining it and put a stop to it. I know you can figure it out!!

  7. Well darn! That WL is really starting to be a pain! Hope you can get it going today! Interesting way to cook a waffle...

  8. I must compliment you on your upbeat and positive attitude with the WL issues. When I have similar issues, I have a tendency to get frustrated, irritable, mad and anxious, which does nothing to solve my problems. Hang in there!

  9. You need to start the WL daily. Enough now, Start it daily and let it run. You are doing too much damage not starting it. Set a reminder on your phone to start the WL at 3PM daily. Or, we're going to have to put YUMA in charge of the WL too. Okay, I will shut up now.

  10. You appear to be handling this motorhome stress reasonably well Doug. If it was me I would be running around upside down like a Mad Hatter.

  11. Special Waffles?...Shows me I'm not too old to learn something new. Never heard of them, but after Googing them, Walmart has them. I'll have to give them a try. If I don't like them I'm sure my birdies hanging around will give them a shot....