Thursday, February 27, 2014

Ghost Town, Millville, AZ

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Yesterday afternoon, I took the jeep and went looking for two ghost towns on the San Pedro River south of Tombstone.  After about 12 miles, I came to the river and stopped on the north side.   Walking along the river basin, I could see walls on the hillside.Millville foundation

As I got up to the walls, there were several rock formations that had been buildings or homes at one time. Several foundations That is about all there is left of Millville.  Millville, at one time, was a wild west mining town.  There was a sign saying Petroglyph Discovery Trail, so started looking on the rocks and did find a few.


I knew the ghost town of Charleston was directly across the river from Millville, so headed out through the thick bushes and Palo Verde trees that covered everything.  Eventually, deep in the trees, I did find one foundation, but not sure if it is a part of Charleston, because it was in the river valley, but still on this side of the river.Foundation

The San Pedro River was about fifteen feet across and had many shallow places, so I crossed the river in search of Charleston ruins, but only flushed out two deer in the deep woods. Crossing  Just above the river, was an old railroad track line.  The rails were gone and it looked like it was used as a road.  There was a neat underpass for one of the tributaries of the river with new petroglypics.1-DSC05186Feast Your Eyes

 San Pedro River

As I traipsed through the woods scaring the deer, I came upon someone’s personal bathroom.  Had no clue what it was doing out in the middle of nowhere.Old porta-pottyTrees

I finally gave up on finding Charleston.  Maybe another day.

This morning, the three of us went to Bisbee, Arizona for a day of sightseeing.  Will show you that beautiful place tomorrow.  Hate to be a day behind, but Bisbee deserves all the space I can give.

See you later.


  1. heh heh "new petroglypics"!! Wonder what someone will think hundreds of years from now when they find these?

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

    1. Yes Charleston is very hard to find in all those trees & underbrush but it is there. There may be an easier way to find it but not sure. Cross the San Pedro River & look for a road going in on the right hand side just up a bit. Haven't been in there but have often wondered if it led to Charleston because Charleston is straight in there right along the river maybe half a mile or so. Another great drive is Coronado Peak at the south end of Sierra Vista. Magnificent views out over Mexico. And if you really want to go for a great drive just keep going up & over Coronado Peak down the other side to Parker Lake & loop back through Sonoita.

    2. I wish we had stayed and taken those jeep trips but we left for New Mexico today. Will give me places to see next winter.

    3. Those high school kids can really paint a wall. This place is out there, but doesn't stop them.