Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Stayed Near Home Today

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Woke up this morning to blue skies and thousands of Saguaros.Lots of Saguaro Cactus.   Very nice to see so much green in the desert.  Here is a Organ Pipe Cactus.Organ Pipe Cactus.They are very large.  I will have to get Dolly to stand by it to show you how large it really is. 

This is what it looks like at our boondocking spot.Boondocking spot.

We decided to stay close to home today and stock up on groceries. We went into town around 1:00 to the Olsens IGA to do some shopping.Olsens Market Place in Ajo.   Dolly went in and Fergie and I sat outside waiting.  I see one of the trash collectors waiting for someone to drop something.


They have a pretty church in AjoChurch in Ajo. and a town center with a grass square and buildings like this on three sides.Ajo town center.

Later, I took a jeep ride down the left fork of Darby Well Road.  That road went on and on toward the south going through the middle of the desert floor.  Drove for 45 minutes and all I saw was four Border Patrol trucks zooming past me.  I think the road goes into Mexico, but I quit and turned around before reaching the end of it, if there is one.  Did get one picture of a very old and tall Saguaro Cactus.Tall Saguaro

See you later.

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