Sunday, February 23, 2014

Saying Goodbye to Ajo, Arizona

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Today, I took one last hike toward a rock formation due south of our motorhome.  I am guessing it is about a mile and a half away, going up and down through hills and washes.Rock formation Didn’t think I would go all the way there, so I didn’t bother to take my long lens, water or walking stick.  I would regret no water before I made my return, but all turned out well.

As I walked toward the rock formation, it looked close, but there always seemed to be one more wash I had to walk down to and then back up the other side.1-DSC04995

Need to watch for this guy and all the little ones too.  They have sharp barbs and they are a devil to pull out.Teddy Bear Cholla

Finally, it is getting within range.  Didn’t plan to walk the whole way, but just couldn’t stop.

Since I am here I will take one last look at the scenery around me.

1-DSC04994 1-DSC05001

Made it back to the motorhome by 2:30 to watch the end of the Daytona 500 with Dolly and Fergie, only to find out that it was delayed shortly after I left.  Didn’t miss anything.1-DSC05012

Here are a few photographs looking to the north of our site toward Ajo on the other side of copper mine wall.
1-DSC05016 Small Ajo Mountains and wall of old copper mine 

One last photograph of Black Mountain as seen from out site as the day is waning.  Will miss this place.

Black Mountain


  1. Great photos! Wonderful memories that give you a reason to return.

  2. Hiking is like that--sometimes it seems as if the top of the trail just doesn't exist. Gorgeous landscapes--what a beautiful place! Happy trails!

  3. That rock formation has a name & it has something to do with a train. Locomotive Rock or something. We did drive up fairly close to it & hiked up the base a bit. Darby Well is a special place & if you return to the South-West again it will no doubt draw you back.