Thursday, February 20, 2014

Homestead Ruins

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Another beautiful day and didn’t do too much today.  There are ruins of an old homestead at the Y in the road coming to our place.  Today, I decided to take photographs of the decay that was left.  I have read that there was a small town named Darby Well in this area and maybe these ruins were in the town.

Before stopping to take pictures, Dolly and I went into Ajo for groceries and water.  As I was driving back, I took a couple more pictures of some places in town.  This building sits just off hwy 85 within the city limits.
Old wooden building Here is a look at the front.

There are three signs above the separate parts.  “Cafe, General Store, Rooms”.  Everything you want in one building.
Front view 

This is the old Ovrley School built in 1899, located right down town near the mall.  It is still used for adult classes and indoor events.  It looks ahead of its time with such beautiful features and strong structure.  It looks a lot like the older 1950s schools in big cities around the country. 

They have built a new school on the south side of town, but it doesn’t look half as nice as this one.  New one probably has air conditioning though.
Old Ovrley School
The Calvary Baptist Church located near the old school is just beautiful.
Calvary Baptist Church

After helping to put up the groceries and water, I headed out to the ruins.  As I went under the barbed wire fence surrounding the area, this is what I see.

Litter everywhere
Black Mountain in background
Old vehicle back there
Not much left of it
Metal junkyard
Not much left of outhouse
  One wall still standing

More junk

Another nice sunset.

See you later.


  1. There is indeed a lot of junk lying around in the deserts & mountains of Arizona. Good junk & bad junk. The good old junk can be very historical & is all a part & allure of the old wild West. Noticed in one photo you had some good junk & some bad junk with the old wall & antique car frame being good junk & the newer toilet seat being bad junk. Dont'cha just love the old wild West:))

  2. It is interesting that the wood will stay around forever. Doesn't rot quickly, as it does back in Illinois. This arid country preserves both good junk and bad junk.