Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Short Move back to Ogilby Road

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

We knew we were going to move somewhere this morning after breakfast, and we did.  The place off Sidewinder Road we are staying in is very small and overcrowded.  Have a trailer about 20 feet behind us and a motorhome and trailer group about 40 feet in front of us.  We do have a clear view of the dunes out to the west of as we were on the outside perimeter of the small BLM land we are in.  View from our  first site on Sidewinder Road.   The dunes were shot from a 300 mm lens.  They don’t actually look that close.

I read the comments on my blog this morning and Al of Travel with the Bayfield Bunch made my decision for me.  I was debating whether to go over to Mittry Lake on the north side of Yuma or go back to Ogilby Road and check it out more carefully.  Al, mentioned that the Lake area may be crowded after the Quartzsite RV show and that there was indeed a lot of RV space over the railroad tracks about 5 miles down Ogilby Road. 

At about 10:30 after a good breakfast we made the 10 mile trip to the BLM land just off Ogilby Road and sure enough there is plenty of space to park our RV.  Here are pictures of where we are and what it looks like around us.

Heading north on Ogilby Road
Going north on Ogilby Road.
Our new home near Yuma.
Our new home.

Looking to the south.

View looking south.
View looking north.
View looking north.
Looking north 
North through a 300mm lens.
Close to the Chocolate Mountain Naval Reservation.
Close to Chocolate Mountain Naval Reservations to the north.

We got all set up and then sat around and rested.   As we sat outside, we noticed helicopters and fighter jets flying over.  Also, could hear the faint sounds of either big guns or bombs going off in the far distance.  The Chocolate Mountain Naval Reservation is to the north of us.

At 2:30 we decided to go into Yuma and find a Walmart for groceries.  Only asked once at a service station and the Walmart was 5 blocks further down.  Almost had it on my own.  Dolly and I went in while I watched the people and the Walmart clean-up crew do their jobs.
Walmart on Pacific Ave.

GrackleFemale Grackle
Clean-up crew.

The Boss

About 5 pm we got back to our new home, everything put away and getting it was time for dinner.  That is about it for today.

See you later.

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  1. The Blue Angels acrobatic team sometimes practice in that area. Lots of military action going on & I always enjoy watching all the planes & choppers. There is a really nice big mall complex on the north side of I-8 going into Yuma. Lotsa stores & eateries in there including Cracker Barrel. If you keep going north on Ogilbe road a few more miles from where you are camped you will see the old Tumco mining site on the right side complete with some stone graves & old foundations left over trom the townsite. It was a wild west town complete with gunfights. Across Ogilbe road on the other side is the Gold Nugget Ranch which is an RV Park place. There's old military & western stuff to look at there. You can also do laundry there as well. We've used it a couple times & it beats driving all the way into Yuma. Road going in might be a little bouncy. There's some old truck relics there as well. And if you continue back American Girl road just north of the railway tracks you can see some old mine workings & a big pit.. We spent Christmas Day there a few years ago crawling around a big hill looking for Gold. The area has a bunch of gold mines.