Friday, February 21, 2014

Hike to Rock Formation

Friday, February 21, 2014

A little cloud cover today, but still a nice warm day.  Laid around and did some planning for our next stop on the road back east.  Our two weeks will be up this Sunday, so will be heading out to new places.

After lunch, I decided to take a short hike up to a large rock formation, I have seen a number of times.  It is on the Scenic Road that goes around the mountains to the west of Ajo and ends at Rocalla Street in Ajo.Heading for that rock slab It is a rock ridge that comes out of the desert floor. Rock spire I have to drive off the main road on an ATV road that winds through the desert floor.  I followed this road for about a mile in four-wheel drive till I got close to the rock cropping.Jeep Road

There is a hole in the rock next to the slab up there.  Looks like someone winking at me. I will try to get a photo down through it when I get there. 

Hole in rock on right center Winking Rock
Zoomed in.

On my hike toward the rock slab, I found evidence of snakes in the area.  Here is a snake skin that has been recently shed.Snake skin Here is a baby cactus.Baby cactus I try to always watch where I step.  I don’t want to disturb the landscape anymore than I have to.  The flowers are starting to bloom as spring approaches.  1-DSC04962 I would like to see the desert after a rain storm, but that will not happen this year before we leave.  It has been very dry this winter.  We have been out here for two months and not one drop of rain.  Ah, I think they are in love.Friends

Here is a dead Barrel Cactus.  Looks like someone has made it their home.Dead Barrel Cactus

Made it as far as I could go.  Looking back,Looking back at jeep you can see the jeep down there somewhere.  Being silver, it tends to blend into the landscape.  It always looks clean in the pictures, but it is covered in dust. 

Looking around my surroundings.

Looking to the south
Looking south 
Looking up 
Looking up
Ajo Mountains in background
Looking southeast to the Ajo Mountains
Black Mountain 
East to Black Mountain
Little Ajo Mountains over there
Looking through wink eye
Looking across at the cross overlooking Ajo on the other side. Zoomed in.

Cross as I see it w/o zoom
This is what it looks like w/o zoom

See you later.

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