Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Off to Cloud Museum, but was not to be

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

This morning promised to be an exact duplicate of yesterday.  Too nice to stay indoors.  After our morning routine, Yuma and I headed out at around 11 a.m. to Yuma.  My ultimate goal was the Cloud Museum, but not before we went into Yuma.

I have always wanted a shoulder holster for my revolver and Yuma seemed like a perfect city to find one.  Didn’t want to just order one off EBay or from Amazon.  I wanted to do it the old fashioned way and find one in a pawn shop that was used and not very expensive.

Last night I had read the reviews about Yuma Coin and Gun on the west side of Yuma.  Based on the reviews, the owner Mike Brick was a fair and honest guy.  Ever heard of a fair and honest pawn broker?

Found the place easily,


and walked in and met Mike Brick himself, way back in this disheveled shop. 



We were the only ones in the place except for his two dogs.  Glad I didn’t come walking in with Yuma or the place would really have been wrecked with those three horsing around.  Now this is what I call a pawn shop.

Asked Mike if he had any shoulder holsters that fit my revolver and he pulled out two right away.  One black and one brown.  Both leather, which is what I wanted.  He said they were both $45 a piece plus tax, but he would sell either of them to me for $25.  I didn’t even have to haggle with Mike.  Looked both of them over and the brown one was in almost perfect shape, so picked the brown one.

When I gave Mike the $30 he pointed to the young brown dog and said give the money to him.  So, I placed the $10 and $20 in his mouth and he took it over to the register pretty as you please.  Mike then gave the change to the dog and he brought me my change.   Boy, was he shocked when the flash went off in his face. 

Right off, I knew I liked Mike Brick.


We started some small talk and he started talking about his son and how he was in Iraq a couple of times and did another tour, but I can’t remember where.  Here’s Mike chatting away, relaxed as can be.  (I did get his permission to take all these photos.)   You can tell he loves his two dogs, just like I love Yuma.



After a bit, another customer walked in and I took my leave.  I am so glad I picked his pawn shop.  It was everything a pawn shop should be.  Mike was a fair and honest guy!

Before heading out of town, stopped at a Giant gas station to fill the Jeep, and this Mexican woman tried to go around the pumps but ran over an 8 inch high curb and her front left tire dropped about a foot on the other side at a horrible angle against the curb. 

She was upset and afraid to do anything, so I hopped in and tried to back it out, but because of the angle I could not go forward or backward.  She was in a panic and crying.  I could tell she did not have the money to just call for a tow truck.

Just then a nice Mexican man came up to help and then another guy pulled into the parking lot and offered to help.  Now we had three of us.  One of the men had a large crowbar and he stuck it under the tire and pulled and the other guy and I pushed.  The lady gunned the car in reverse and the car popped over the curb pretty as you please.  She was so happy and we felt like knights in shining armor helping the damsel in distress.  Of course, I forgot to take pictures until it was all over and I was walking away.

1-IMG_1870 Finally, time to head for the museum.  As we driving along S24,  we were in lettuce country. 


The locals were hard at work harvesting the lettuce.  It is a big production.  They’re doing it in an assembly line fashion and you can see they are under a tarp to protect them from the sun.  The tractor just moves along while they pick.


As you can tell, I have slipped over the Colorado River temporarily and I’m in Bard, California.  The museum is in Bard.


Yuma and I were a  little thirsty, so we stopped at the Imperial Date Gardens and split a date shake.  Yuma didn’t get any.  Last year, Dolly and I were here and she got one, but I didn’t.  I was sure I wouldn’t like it.  Well, this year, I was going to find out if it was any good, and it was.  You just have to try something new once in awhile.


Just as we were leaving, someone, somewhere fired a very loud gun.  At least, I think it was.  I stopped the Jeep and looked all around checking the tires and for any holes in the Jeep.  Nothing, thank goodness.

It was only about a mile to the Cloud Museum and when I got there, Yuma was so afraid and shaking from the noise, he would not get out of the Jeep.  I felt so bad for him, I couldn’t just leave him shaking while I strolled through this big lot of antique cars, trucks and farming equipment, so I took a few pictures of the outside and we left.  Maybe some other day.



Saw this old dilapidated house and just had to stop and take a few photos. 


The “B” on the mountain in the background is for Bard, California.


Just as we were pulling into camp, I saw this Egret standing on the hillside catching the last of the rays.


Just read Mary Tyler Moore died today.  That makes me sad!  She was a great comedian, great actress and a great lady.  I will miss her.

See you later.


  1. What a fantastic pawn shop! It looked there was a little of everything in there. I'm glad you tried the date shake. They are yummy,

  2. I loved that pawn shop. He had a little of everything in there. The shake was good, but I still like chocolate best.

  3. So glad you didn't abandon Yuma when he was shaking and afraid - you love your dog and he is loyal to you - museum can wait and you already had an eventful day. Nice pawn shop visit and found the holster you wanted too - good deal.

    1. You're right Moonfly. Yuma sure hates loud sounds. Yuma was much happier when we got back to camp. He feels safe here.

  4. Looks like a fun day, too bad about the gunshot that shook up Yuma. That Museum looks interesting.

  5. Sure was a loud boom. Still wonder what it was. Sounded close. Bard is only about six miles from here, so I can go another time, maybe.