Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Back to Mexico

 There was some change of plans this morning. Originally we were going to head out this morning to Ajo but Tom and Deb were going to Mexico again this morning and I (Nick) decided to go with them. 

We headed out around noon and went across the boarder shortly after. We did a lot of the same things as last time but with a few differences this time. 

We walked around for a bit before getting food and drinks. After hanging out there for awhile after our food I decided I wanted to get a little something to remember going to Mexico by. I saw a lot of these little painted bobblehead animals and thought they fit what I was looking for.

We decided to look around for them but we must have been unlucky. We walked around an entire block looking before we were able to find them again. Eventually we did and I got three of them. Of course we wound up back at the place we ate and if we would have looked in the other direction we would have found them immediately! Oh well it was fun to walk around some more. There were just as many dentists and eyeglasses places as before. There was also just as many people trying to sell you stuff but I was more prepared this time.

We then went to the Purple store so I could buy some Vanilla for cheap. After that we popped into another restaurant to grab one more margarita each. Both places had live music that we listened to. The whole trip was very enjoyable but we decided to head back over the boarder after the second drink. 

Inside the second restaurant 

Outside the second restaurant

Back in line

On the other side

My bobbleheads!

We were hoping to have a short line like last time but knew we were leaving a lot later than before. We got to the back of the line at about 3:15 and it was much, much, longer than it was the previous time I came. I saw the friend I made last time I was there while we were waiting in line and gave him some money. It took a long time but we finally got to the other side and back to Ogilby road at around 6:15 so we spent close to three hours waiting in line. Grandpa and Yuma rested for the day in the MH. Tomorrow off to Ajo!


  1. Thanks for the colorful pictures of Algodones. Another good time but sorry for the long line.

  2. Nice job on the blog Nick! Glad you had another great trip to Mexico! Love the bobbleheads😁. Miss you little buddy!❤

  3. Three hours in line ... yikes!!! Worth it though ... I love your bobbleheads!!! Every time I'm there, I pick up another bottle of vanilla!! The number of crazy power wires in pictures always fascinates me. I don't mind the people trying to sell stuff ... they are just trying to make a living. Great picture Nick!!

  4. I love your bobbleheads, Nick! Those are really cool! Did you buy vanilla while on Mexico? Just yesterday my cousin was telling me how much more flavorful it is. I'm glad you had a fun time, except for the wait in line. Great pics of the area and a really super blog entry!

  5. Fantastic blog !

    Sounds like you had wonderful day in Mexico. You will have to tell me about your friend that you met in line.
    Love you.
    Hugs to you grandpa and Yuma 😁
    Love mom (Tracie)

  6. I had an Aardvark bobblehead as a mascot riding on the dash of my truck for many years.
    Border wait times are totally ridiculous!

  7. Love the bobble heads! Glad you are meeting new friends who need money 😄

  8. Love those bobbleheads! Sounds like a great trip into Mexico glad you got to go again! I have a bottle of vanilla that Deb gave me a few years ago, makes me think of her every time I grab that bottle! :) Glad you enjoyed your food and drinks there! I'd like to hear more about your friend too! That wait is ridiculous though!

  9. I missed a comment at the beginning. I kept thinking..."this doesn't sound like Doug". Lol...
    Cuz it wasn't. Good job Nick. Elva