Saturday, January 28, 2023

Friends Arrive

 At about 8:30, Yuma and I opened the door to another beautiful morning.  Started my coffee and fed Yuma and the day is on the way.  My plan is to run into Yuma and buy some rubber hose to route the smoke from under the WL to out the side near the muffler.

I was just starting breakfast, when I received a text from Deb, saying that she and Riley were leaving Borrego Springs and heading our way.  Now my plans to run into Yuma are on hold for a few days and that is great with me.  I wasn't looking forward to crawling under and around the engine anyway and this gives me a great excuse.

Yuma and I jumped in the Jeep when they got close by and led them to their new home within walking distance.  Yuma was so happy when he saw them.  Did his running around in circles at full speed welcome!  It was near 11:30 when they pulled into their chosen site.

Today is Riley's birthday, so it is a special day.  Happy Birthday, Riley!  I waited until they got everything in place and after their lunch and my breakfast we sat around and discussed worldly stuff.

Later, Yuma and I came home and we laid out in the sun and just relaxed.

Yuma doesn't like to just lay around doing nothing all day, so after a couple of hours, he started barking.  That's my cue to get up and follow him around on his hike through the washes.
Wash Monster

I did manage to raise my flag pole and flag late this afternoon and that was all I really accomplished.  Now, I know which way the wind is blowing.  

It's great that Deb and Riley and Eric and Sue are nearby and before long, Tom and Deb will be joining us.  The whole gang will be back together again.

There are rumors of several birthday parties in Mexico over the next few days, so stayed tuned.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. It sounds like a lovely day of relaxation. Yuma was glad to see Deb and Riley, I'm sure. He'll like it even more, when Tom shows up with cookies. Soon the whole group will be back together.

  2. Sorry that I have not been commenting a lot these days but I read about 5 blogs daily, yours being one of them. I bet you can name the 5 I read!!! 3 of you sometimes have the same stories!! LOL. Keep having fun you guys..

  3. Doug...Yuma...which one is the boss? Lol lol lol. It's nice to see the Ogilby crew back. I hope to see all soon.

  4. A very nice welcome, thanks. Thank you for the birthday wishes as well. Riley and I are heading into Yuma on Monday for a big errand day. We too have put things off.


  5. The three musketeers ... it's good to have friends close by!!