Saturday, January 7, 2023

Quiet Day

 This morning I was out of bed around 9 o’clock and it was sunny and 50 degrees out.  Got my coffee made and walked over to Tom and Deb’s for a little morning get together with them and Deb.  Yuma loves these visits because he knows that Tom has a cookie for him.

Around noon, Yuma and I headed into town to pick up some waterproof Flex Tape for the leaky water tank and some Tylenol for my head and muscles.  Got home and just laid outside enjoying the beautiful 70 degree weather.

Before heading back over to Tom and Deb’s for Happy Hour, I taped up the water tank.  Ivan joined us again for our afternoon get together.

Home at 5:30 and time for football and dinner.  Forgot to pull anything out of the freezer last night, so I had a grilled ham and cheese sandwich for dinner.  When the next half of the Tennessee Titans and Carolina Panthers game is over, it will be time for bed.

Sunset on the Cargo Muchacho Mountains

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Beautiful picture of the full moon and sunset. I hope that Flex tape works out and seals your H2O tank. It's the Titans and Jaguars playing, not Panthers. They are both cats, though. It's good to hear the weather is nice there. No storms coming your way, thank goodness.

  2. A quiet day here. It was nice to chat with Ivan and any time spent with Deb & Tom is enjoyable.


  3. How the tape works for you. Doug. Lovely day and more on the horizon!!

  4. Hoping the tape works for you! Sounds like an enjoyable day enjoying each other's company!