Friday, January 13, 2023

Metal Sculptures near Borrego Springs, California

 This morning we were up for our morning walk around 9 o'clock.  Of course, Yuma ran right next door for some attention.  They love Yuma like everyone does.  This day, we stayed close to home and watched the dirt lovers coming in.  More on them tomorrow.  

Last evening after I published my post, our friend made one last sunset run.

Over me and the neighbors.  Lights on the other side of the Salton Sea shining in the distance.

Today, I'm going to cover the metal sculptures I visited yesterday.  There are many of them all around Borrego Springs and I have taken pictures of most of them over the years.

So long he goes under the road.

It was getting late in the day, so off we headed for home.  Stopped to take a picture from below on S22.
There I am.
Tomorrow, I will cover all the activities going on down below.  As I write this, the weekend crowd is growing and by tomorrow this place will be buzzing and dirt will be flying.  Glad I'm above it looking down on the fun.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Soon you'll be surrounded by all the ATVs and other off road vehicles. It should be funnto watch them all from your vantage point. The sculptures are always amazing to see. One can never get tired of seeing them. I hope Yuma can take all the noise and commotion this weekend.

  2. Great photos. Some day I hope to get down there and see them all. Vern in Boise

  3. The sculptures are fantastic, so much detail. I always like the prospector, and the Jeep. The views look fantastic and weekend warriors will be churning dust and revving engines. They are fun to watch and they have a good time. Hopefully Yuma isn’t upset by it all.


  4. You found a place to park by the "sea". Excellent. Love those sculptures.

  5. I love those metal sculptures! My favorite had got to be the serpent but they are all pretty incredible. Borrego Springs is such a neat place. Sounds like you'll have a busy weekend going on around you. Does Yuma mind all the vehicles running around? Enjoy!

  6. We love those sculptures also. Always great to see the amazing creativity.
    Enjoy the atvs, you are in a good spot.

  7. The quiet times are nice but watching all the noisy fun is nice too. I hope Yuma does ok. Enjoy!

  8. here is an article about Bo Sp you might enjoy reading:

  9. This is gonna be a good weekend for those ATV's and a long one at that! Enjoy! I hope Yuma does ok too!