Saturday, January 14, 2023

NFL Play-offs and watching the activities around me

 This morning I woke up to a calm, but cloudy morning.  The sun tried to make an appearance, but the clouds won out.

Looking to the north towards the Santa Rosa Mountains, everything looks pink.
Yuma and I took a short walk, but with no sun, it just doesn't feel the same.  Just had a coolness in the air.  They are calling for clouds all day, but fairly warm.  Calling for rain this evening.  I hope it doesn't ruin all the the 4-wheeler parties planned for the night.  The RVs down below look like wagons circled for protection from the Indians above.  Guess that's me.

There were no large groups of 4-wheelers today.  They all just went their own way off into the Badlands.  Got a few pictures.

My neighbors.  My flag is back there on the right.

They have all kinds of toys.  This thing could eat dust and Yuma would have chased it if I didn't have him on a leash.
Ready for the bonfire tonight.  Lots of Christmas trees piled up.
At 1:30, the NFL play-offs started and luckily I could get local channels from Indio, so for the rest of the day, I watched both games.  

This evening after dinner, I noticed it was sprinkling and the wind had picked up a little, but it didn't stop the revelers from lighting a huge fire and set off fireworks.  Poor Yuma!

Even the neighbors burned a few trees.
I'm glad the rain held off and the parties weren't a complete wash-out.  Too bad it wasn't as beautiful as last night was.  Once the game is over, I will be heading to bed.

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  1. There were quite a number of atvs there today. At least the rain held off until after everyone was back and the bonfire was blazing. Maybe tomorrow will be a quite day for Yuma.

    1. It was good the rain held off. Seems everyone had a good time. My neighbors partied till about midnight. At least they played music I like.1

  2. I enjoy watching the various rigs as they go out and about having fun. I knew about the Christmas trees but thought it was earlier in the month, what a fire! Poor Yuma, too much noise for him. He needs ear plugs. Lol


    1. They could do without the fireworks, but I guess it's part of the fun. Yuma will live. It is fun watching them play with their toys in the dirt.

  3. Poor Yuma. I don't understand why people have to do that. Have a fire ... okay, but you don't need fireworks!!

    1. I guess this must be an annual event, kinda like Burning Man, just smaller. Yuma can handle a few days of fireworks.