Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

 I woke up at 7 o'clock to rain pitter pattering on the roof.  Did my brain games and decided to lie back and rest a few more minutes.  Next thing I knew, it was 10:30.  There goes my getting up early plans.

We were kept inside with the rain and no jeep all morning and most of the afternoon.

It rained off and on till about 4:30.  Don called from Brakes Plus telling me the Jeep was ready.  Yuma and I were glad to get out and walk to the shop, about a mile away.
Expensive oil change.  $1635!!   Appears that all the fun over the years bouncing around on bad roads, washes and mountain trails has done a number on my struts and steering stabilizer.  It feels much tighter now.  Should be safe to drive the 1600 miles home before too long.

Yuma and I stopped at the gas station for $50 of gas and then on to Walmart for $128 of food.  It was a lot cheaper when I was stuck at the WL with no Jeep.  I'm now watching the end of Survivor and will need to start a late dinner soon.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. More rain! Just as well you had no jeep. I'm glad you got the jeep all fixed up. Poor Claire got voted off Survivor. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a sunny day.

  2. Glad you got the Jeep back. That's still a fair price for all those years of no maintenance!

  3. It seems like it rained in several areas of Arizona today, ours was slow and steady. Glad you got the Jeep back and it is ready to travel when you are.

  4. Yeah ... that maintenance thing is kind of important. Glad you got the Jeep back! Rain here too .. I'm ready for it all to stop now!!

  5. Maintenance is costly, pay me now or pay me later. I prefer to pay now before later leaves me on the road side. Glad the Jeep is tip top. We had rain and hail.


  6. Probably good to have the Jeep gone over before the long trek. We got rain today and they is going to be cold over the weekend. Don't blame you for not hurrying back.