Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Getting Closer to "D"part Day!

This morning, I didn't get up till Teddy wanted out and that was around 8:30.  I had things to do before taking MAT2 for a test run.

After we all had breakfast outside in the beautiful sunshine, I checked in with the ladies before heading out to get temporary tags.  Found a place about 3 miles away and Google led the way.  I drove around looking for it, before I realized the sign I saw wasn't CVS, but MVS.  

It was late morning, and I was sure it would be crowded, and it was.  However, I was surprised with the number of counters that were open and it went quickly.  It wasn't long before I was out of there with 90-day temporary tags for only $65.

Came back to the compound and was thinking I would give it a test drive with the Jeep today, but my "almost packed" wasn't really true.  The last little bit when you're running out of space takes time and before I knew it, it was getting close to 4 o'clock and I didn't want to get caught in the afternoon traffic.  

So, one more day of anticipation.  It has to be tomorrow for the test run.  My plans are to head to Saddleback Mountain on Friday and spend some time relaxing before heading to Quartzsite and then Yuma if anyone is still down there.

These past two winters have been different, that's for sure.  It has been an interesting time, but time to move on.  Hopefully, I now have an RV that is dependable, and I can enjoy a few more good years of travelling.  

Thanks for your patience and thanks for stopping by.


  1. I an so happy to see that you've found another RV and will be continuing your travels. I look forward to reading about them.

    1. Thank you. It has been different year, for sure. I'm ready to back on the road.

  2. Safe travels Doug, hope to see you soon, no rush.

  3. Hope all goes well with the test run!

  4. Anything to do with license plates is a pain!!

  5. Plans are always helpful. Good luck with the test run!


  6. Great that you'll be on the road again!! :)