Wednesday, February 28, 2024

More packing and getting temp tag

 My little Teddy went outside this morning at 4 am.  I waited for about 5 minutes and he was a no show.  Went back to bed and played one of my mind games and then looked outside again.  Sure enough, there he was ready to go back to bed.  There is a fenced yard here, so not much danger of him getting eaten.

After a quick breakfast at 9 am, I was ready to finish my packing and take a test drive.  It was around 2 o'clock before I had both the MAT2 and the Jeep loaded, except for the things I will need tomorrow.

Around 3 o'clock, I took it out for a quick trip to fill the propane tank.  It was empty, so it was nearly $40 to fill.  Hopefully, it will last for awhile. 


Yuma thanks his Dad for buying this MH.

For the rest of the afternoon, I worked on the electric/propane fridge connecting my inverter and 100 watt solar panel, so, when traveling, I would not have to use propane.  With my son, Jim giving me a hand by Text, I had it up and running.  

After reviewing the battery usage, Jim thought one more 100 watt panel should keep the fridge going without depleting the 275 watt lithium battery.  Staying with 100 watts. it would be depleted in roughly 10 hours.

By then, it was dinner time and afterward, the first episode of "Survivor" for this season.  Lasted 2 hours, so another late-night post to my blog.

Superstition Mountain at dusk

Tomorrow is my last day here and then it is on to Saddleback Mountain, just west of Phoenix.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Yuma's kisses is how I feel about your continuing travels. Have fun!

  2. It sounds like you've got everything set to go! The motor home looks very nice. Have a safe trip to Saddle Mountain.

  3. Glad things are coming together for you. We always ran the Fridge on Propane when we boondocked, leaving the batteries for everything else.
    Be Safe Travels and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. Sounds like you have everything in place to enjoy some boondocking. Enjoy and stay safe.

  5. Thanks everyone for your well wishes. I am excited to get on the road.