Sunday, February 4, 2024

Helping a Friend

 Sorry for missing the last three days.  I am waiting for the people who parked their trailer near me to move.  That should be tomorrow.  They are Kay's friends and needed to go somewhere by air, so left it here for a few days.

Yesterday, Kay, Dean and I helped move Clea from a friend's house over to here till the end of the month when she then returns to North Dakota.

Took over an hour to get to West Sun City where Clea was staying.  We left at around 2:30 and got home around 6:30. I had not done much exercise for a while, so felt good to use the muscles.

I was sore last night, but I had forgotten my Tylenol.  Took some with breakfast this morning and feel good enough to start moving stuff into Kay's garage today.  

While waiting for Kay to give me the go ahead, Yuma and I laid outside enjoying the warm sunshine.

Unfortunately, the huge rain system hitting California today will be here by Tuesday, so all may not go as planned.  I am not in a hurry, so I will relax and let things go as they may.  After all, I am retired and in a beautiful and usually warm area.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Best way of getting exercise ... Helping a caring friend! The rain should start this evening and last all week! Stay dry!

  2. If Jeff's weatherman is right, it sounds like you'll be rained in for a while. Exercising when you haven't for some time will definitely make you sore. Hope you're feeling better by now. I'm glad you got Clea and her things moved. Better take a breather now.

  3. You're a good man, Doug. You've earned a few days off.

  4. Keeping my fingers crossed for you and the WL.

  5. I think it took me 3 years for my late wife to get it. We are retired, what's your hurry?
    We were in Utah where the trees are now rocks. Escalante SP and heading towards Kodachrome SP. I was pulling in and she asked what's up? I said here's our next spot. She says we've only been on the road for (X)? miles. I had to ask her, what's your hurry, where do you have to be?
    I think she may have sorta got it then. So much better to be relaxed, eh?