Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Move to Garage

 The move from the truck to Kay's garage didn't happen on Sunday.  Kay was interrupted by other duties, so I just laid around in the sun and relaxed all day.

Monday was the day.  Kay and Dean had plans for the morning, so Clea and I started the move at 9 o'clock by cleaning out a place for Clea's belongings.

Big truck, not much stuff.

We were done by 11 o'clock and then I went to Home Depot to pick up an airflow pipe I had ordered to replace the completely torn up one I had.  It was allowing dirt and sand to get to the air filter.  The accordion pipe (looks like a pipe used for your dryer exhaust, except it is 7 inches in diameter.)

Spent the afternoon, trying to get it into place, but it was tough crawling in and out from the White Lion, so I quit with the plan of getting it done soon.  The folks with the trailer were no shows, so I wasn't test driving it today anyway.

Unfortunately, the storm bashing San Diego is coming our way.  We are expecting wet weather through Friday, so I may not get much done.  If you don't hear from me till the weekend, you'll know I will be watching TV listening to the raindrops on the roof.

I do have something planned for next Tuesday with the White Lion, so I'm still trying.  Stay tuned.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I'm sure everyone is glad to get Clea's things moved out of the truck. The storm hitting California has been ferocious. Hopefully you only get some rain and not flooding. Good luck with the pipe.

  2. I've always been the one with a truck or van for the past 55years?...When someone is moving.
    Hey David???..Sometimes they paid for fuel, sometimes a meal.
    Eh..Karma I figure....

  3. Are you bored or did your fingers fall off. Haven't heard any Wild Lion Stories in over a week now. Miss your actions .